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  1. I appreciate all the feedback, it's given me a lot to look into and consider. I've actually been looking into SFML with C# bindings. What is your opinion on this? And does anyone know resources for learning it?
  2. I actually had that suggested before, and looked into it. The only problem is that there doesn't really seem to be any resources on learning it.
  3. Hello,        I'm looking for the best Graphic Library to use with C# for the developing of 2D games. No 3D aspects are needed in any way, even in the future. I do not want to use Xna because Microsoft has abandoned it, and it will no longer be developed upon. I need a Graphic Library which includes support for everything relating to 2D game development at a minimum at least (Graphics, Audio, etc.). And has plenty of resources for learning.   Thanks,
  4. Hello,        I am a somewhat intermediate C# programmer. I've been looking into xna because I want to get into using graphics. I hear xna is really good and easy to learn. However, I also hear Microsoft has abandoned xna, and stopped supporting it. Is it a bad idea to learn xna when it's been dropped by Microsoft? Would there be a better route to take to learn graphics programming? I like working on 2D games. I am not interested in 3D the least bit, so 2D support is the max for me. I'm not sure if it would be best to go down to the base and try learning DirectX it's self, or perhaps there is a better option? Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks
  5. Hello everyone,        Just a little info about myself.. I'm 19 years old, and originally went to college for programming because I wanted to start working on small projects. I was really excited when I first started, but then as time passed I realised all I was learning was basic programming techniques rather then programming skills that would actually help me start developing skills to start a project, well at least trial and error attempts anyway. I already know the language I want to use, which is C# and Xna to go with it. I've been trying to teach myself c# off and on for almost a year, but can't really stay motivated because it feels the resources i'm using isn't getting me anywhere. But i'm not going to give up, I finally decided to give this site a try because it looks very promising and I really hope I can get some guidance. And of course, i'm not even asking for free resources here. I'm looking to get some decent guidance and training which i'm willing to pay for, wether it be programming books, dvd videos, online courses, etc. If all goes well, I may donate to the site and stick around as I tread down my legacy to overcoming game programming. Anyhow, brief insight on my history: I originally started learning C++ from the beginning. I got up to making in-depth text based MUD's and came across c# and instantly knew it's what I wanted to use to develop projects in. Later I even found out about xna which made it even better. After learning on and off for a year, i've got as far as making a windows form text based MUD. I'd really like to develop my knowledge of c# and xna and start working on 2D games, so that eventually I can work on a small 2D game engine. If someone could help me out on some resources for developing my skills on c# and xna then please get back with me.   Thanks, Zeffrit
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