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  1. nevS

    Unmaintainable code

    It's the god method pattern!
  2. Nice game :)   I'm also experimenting with three.js and it's just awesome.
  3. nevS

    webgl framework

    http://threejs.org/ is a simple and powerful framework with alot of examples and tutorials on the web.
  4. nevS

    YAML vs JSON vs XML?

    +1 but use XSD instead of the deprecated DTD for validation purposes       Well, in my experience it's alot easier to spot formatting errors in XML than in json. If your texteditor did not spot it already, just use XSD-validation, it tells you exactly where the error is. Finding errors in data content is even harder in json.
  5. Soon (Win 8.1, IE11) you can also use WebGL in your JS/HTML-Apps, so it should be no problem at all.
  6. After reading your comments I'm really happy I live in a country (Germany) where higher education is paid by the state. Our students went onto the streets when they introduced comparable low 500€(max) per semester, so they abandoned it again . Of course there are still private schools/universities for the people who got too much money.
  7. nevS

    Why XML is all the rage now?

    Imho XML is the better suited format to represent data. JSON is worthwhile when you use JavaScript, or want to save some bits (ajax-traffic). JSON comes at a cost - the lost flexibility and the technology which XML offers: XSD - you can validate the data easily before reading it with your application. XSLT - you can transform the data into almost any other representation. You can even create JSON out of your XML with a pretty small XSL-Transformation, or merge multiple XML-Files to create a new one. There are almost no limits! XPath - you can search/access single/multiple fields of data. This can be used in your code, in XSLTs or just by other tools (editors, IDEs for example).   Your thoughts: XML takes alot of space! - Use compression. The difference to JSON is pretty low after it. XML is painful to edit! - Use a proper editor with auto completion and auto validation. JSON with a deep hierarchie is also not easy to edit due to alot of brackets. JSON also requires to escape more characters than XML, which can cause alot of problems when editing by hand.
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