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  1. zylski

    5,000+ art assets licensed CC Zero

    Very awesome stuff, if i dont make use of it I will take inspiration from it ;) keep up the good work.
  2. zylski

    Thoughts on my art Theme

    Not bad ideas, but I think I should have waited for more screenshots before I posted this. What I have now doesn't really accurately portray what my theme really is. I do plan to stick to a dichromatic color pallett but I am executing it differently then what is portrayed. I plan to use bits an pieces from each comment. I think I will have plenty of separation from Limbo, but as with a lot of games there still will be a similarity I can't get rid of, but it will be noticeably different, and hopefully still clean and polished.
  3. zylski

    Thoughts on my art Theme

    Hi everyone! I know I will probably get a lot of criticism but hey thats what im looking! I am wondering what people think of my current art style I am implementing in a 2D side scrolling RPG. There is a short video (OLD) I will link below. Here is a short overview.   Enemies: Black for weak Black and one color for Champions and bosses (more color the harder) Weapons: Blue - Ice - swords Red - Fire - spears Purple - Shadow - scyths Green - earth - axes Characters: Black - Hero and less important charecters Single color for important characters (or black and color) looking for other ideas!   [media]https:[/media]  
  4. zylski

    [iOS] Dronius - Space Odyssey (+promo codes)

    wow, love the graphics. Ill have to try it out. It looks really clean!
  5. zylski

    Legality on free help

      If i make the next facebook ill have money for a lawyer   edit: decided on CC licenses and a makeshift pdf to have them sign and date.
  6. zylski

    Legality on free help

    How would he go about licensing it?   NVM i think i figured it out
  7. zylski

    Legality on free help

    I am a college student who doesnt have a lawyer or the funds to hire one :/ am I just out of luck?
  8. zylski

    Legality on free help

    Does anyone know of a template, or someone willing to help me formally write something out?
  9. Hello,   To get right to it, I posted a thread on reddit asking for help writing a story for my game, I stated that I will not pay them or do revenue share. I gave them my skype and then told them again "and you know its not paid or revenue share, just credit for work." and they reply "oh, of course" is a copy of the skype log or a screenshot enough to keep them from coming back at me if the game were to be succesfull? If not what should i have them do, Same thing for GFX artist (non pay).   Thanks!
  10. zylski

    Weapon system (opinions welcome)

    I am using a custom game engine I developed called Celestial Engine and i have a good amount of flexibility with it. I went with keeping the hero animations on a separate sheet then the weapon animations. I created a hero sprite which is animable to the hero sheets, and a weapon sprite animable to the weapon sheets, and then a skill sprite which takes on special animations like the ice spike shooting up and so forth.
  11. zylski

    Weapon system (opinions welcome)

    Check out what I went with so far swords are "ice" and create ice skills. They remain black until they start to attack then they turn color (based on element) and there will be several skill per element.  
  12. zylski

    Weapon system (opinions welcome)

    Very helpful, I do like the idea of elements for different weapons. Ive started on some ideas ill post here when their implemented to see if they should be fine tuned.
  13. zylski

    Weapon system (opinions welcome)

    Great answer! I think i will incorporate most of this in my game!   Edit: another question - Do people generally create a new sprite per weapon and have an animation sheet per weapon or do they use coded translations (ie. rotate, moveTo ect...) I am thinking animation sheet would be the best for me because there are not going to be a ton of weapons and it gives me more control.
  14. zylski

    Weapon system (opinions welcome)

    Thanks, thats actually really helpful. Its nice to see what others are using for attributes. My biggest concern is do i skin different swords or have a static sword with dynamic attributes. Any thoughts? would a skinned sword even go with my theme?
  15. I am designing a Parallax RPG game for android. It will be small team online, so like parties of less then 10. I am thinking about a weapon system and would like some opinions. The graphics are similar to limbo (example below). Backgrounds are dynamic with different colors and maps are generated by a custom tile editor. The hero will have skills that you use that are of the magical persuasion :p using elements like fire, ice, shadow (a cool purple), and wind/earth. My idea of a weapon system is to have dynamic weapons with random attributes given on drop (depending on monster and a RNG) these attributes can be strength, speed, defense, or for example +10 to ice attacks. What I want to know is should I skin several different weapons or have a static skin that fits the theme. Skinning weapons may look odd on a dark character.    Any ideas and opinions are welcome!        
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