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  1. Thanks for the heads up.  I thought that that forum is for people who are announcing their new app.  Perhaps I will cross post this message there in a few days if get few replies here.
  2. Have you created a Facebook app and are looking for a new huge social network to be the first to port your app to?   I am representing the largest adult-oriented social network which will soon be launching an API to allow third-party app developers access to its 40 million users. The API has been developed to be easy to use for anyone who has written a canvas-based application for Facebook. Like the Facebook API, users can authenticate and pay for in-game items, and apps can post updates into our site's activity feed and leaderboards, which is shown to more than 100,000 users at any given time. A successful app will be able to grow organically within our network in the same way that successful Facebook apps have done in the past. They are seeking to work with developers who have an existing Facebook app and understand the mechanics that make social gaming successful. If selected as one of our initial apps, you will get first-mover advantage will millions of users. Ideal app categories are single or multi-user games that could be easily modified to have a sexy theme. Special consideration will be given to apps that have a wide appeal, have upsell features (we split revenue with you), encourage repeat game play, able to post to member's activity feeds and leaderboards, professional looking/designed and just cool! If you're interested, please send me a message that includes: 1. A short description of the game or games you intend to port. 2. The URL to them on Facebook (or other location) 3. What changes you might do to make the app more appealing to an adult audience. Note, this is not a requirement. 4. The time you need to port it if the API is similar to Facebook's 5. If you require a fee to do the port and if so, how much (remember, selected apps will get first mover advantage).   6. A way to contact you directly (e.g., email, skype, YIM) Note: If the app was written for a client, you must have written permission from them to reuse the code/graphics. The goal is to select as many apps as possible within a budget. This means that we will look for apps that have features mentioned above and can be ported easily (i.e., inexpensively). I am excited to work with you!   Andrew PS: I'm a developer as well so feel free to email me tech questions/etc.