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  1. rant/idea: alternative MORPG server model

    Okay Chosker I personally believe in what your idea is, and I also believe that Servant of the Lord is also correct about cheaters. That and I have an idea if it's possible to do. When you make any game that has a high possibility for cheaters to do what they do best (cheat), and you make it a pc platform game, go ahead and include a console/command line feature. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a limited number of of available commands ,it might also be a good idea to be have the user be able to combine some commands like in Linux with the alias function. And as a safe guard so that people can't just go on in and change the command line database (meaning add there own nonoriginal commands to the system, for the function of cheating of course) have multiple databases of commands that are hidden and absolutely must match. If they don't match then the game will shutdown and reset all commands and then revert the character to the last valid save spot. This might help assuming that it's all possible.
  2. How to start off storyboarding

    Thank you for you insight you were all very helpful and made my life a lot easier thanks again Death The Kid
  3. How to start off storyboarding

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions about how to start storyboarding for a game. 1) What is best way to collect and organize a bunch of note's and idea's? 2) How should I put the story together once I have enough notes and idea's for the game? 3) Should I name the game after the direction the story takes and the story is all written and finalized. Or should I figure out a name then have the story develop around the name I have picked out? 4) Should the storyboard be included inside the design document for the game. Or should it be a separate document in itself? 5) Where do I begin after all my other questions have been answered?