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  1. found some time and my equipment, Pin 4 to 5 reads 4.46V, 4 to 3 = 5.12V. i used this pinout=http://makezine.com/2008/06/09/playstation2-controller-i/ i also measured voltage at D3, its 0.65V when Analog button is up and 0.66 when its up. Analog LED shows no reaction.
  2. ah ok, i see. i will try to tap into the connection when i found my multimeter and got back my breadboard oh and thanks for your help :)
  3. buttons(D-Pad and shoulder) are working, so controler has power. Pressing the analog button shows no reaction(no flashing LED, no steady light) connected to a playstation 2 the controller is working fine(analog sticks working). im currently looking for my multimeter, could take a day or two :D   p.s.: the rumble function is working, but left side feels sluggish.
  4. im having the same problem(analog sticks not working) but on my adapter D3 looks to be populated... (http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/3308/hio8.jpg) do you think replacing the diod at D3 my help? the adapter is connected directly to the PC, tried USB2 and USB3 ports