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  1. Unity

    Hi guys,   We have released a new video tutorial about How to create Achievements using Gameleon Check it out! :D
  2. Unity

    Well, the idea was for you to be able to use it anywhere you are, that's why we chose to put Gameleon in the cloud. If you're for example at your friend's house, or your relatives, or in vacation,you can use Gameleon on someone else's devices as well .
  3. Unity

    Hello guys,     Our latest tutorial is about creating quests using Gameleon :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ8l5l3fPRY   We're also glad to announce that Microsoft BizSpark PLus has offered to integrate our editor on their server and gave us an amazing package of developers tools,software,support and training to build apps and scale our business.Not only that, BizSpark offers technology to get us in the cloud and free access to Windows Stores and free promotion to the global BizSpark community.    Hope you have a great day!
  4. Unity

    After showing you how to import 3D models from either Maya, 3D Studio Max or Blender, we want to show you another way to import assets into Gameleon: .gif images.The cool bit about .gifs is that they’re already animated and they are an abundant and convenient way to store moving images,so why not use them in Gameleon and make our work easier?   The link below will take you on our web site where you can find the complete tutorial  http://www.gameleon.co/platform/cloud-game-editor/introducing-world-of-warcraft-model-and-gif-importing-in-gameleon
  5. Hey guys, Don’t know if you know about Gameleon already or not, but it’s a cloud game creating platform for making HMTL5 MMO’s. More recently, and more interestingly for you guys, we’ve developed a feature that allows you to import World of Warcraft 3d models and use them in your own games! It’s powerful enough to recreate stuff like Diablo 2 in a browser, with an entirely visual interface. If you want to know more about recreating Diablo 2, read more here: [url]http://www.gameleon.co/platform/cloud-game-editor/prototyping-example-remaking-diablo-2-with-gameleon[/url] But this is not the cool bit I’m trying to get at: we’ve just recently developed GIF support: just drag and drop GIFs into the Skin Editor tool to instantly create isometric animated models and skins to use immediately in your game. To showcase this feature, we’ve used World of Warcraft as a source of models – and this is where a WoW modding community would probably get excited. You can export, using WoW Model Viewer, animated GIFs of any model in the game and use them directly to make your own games, mockups, mini-games etc. Read more about it here: [url]http://www.gameleon.co/platform/cloud-game-editor/introducing-world-of-warcraft-model-and-gif-importing-in-gameleon[/url] We’d love to hear what you think about this, and Gameleon in general. Also, we’ve been thinking of implementing a method that directly imports your character from the WoW Armory, for either playing as that character or as a model to use in your own games made with Gameleon. What do you guys think about that? 
  6. Hey everyone,   I hope you’re having an awesome day. I’m excited to tell you about a really cool game making platform we’ve been pouring the last year into. It’s called Gameleon! It’s a cloud based game editor and publishing platform that we’d really like to get some feedback on.   Why is it so exciting? Well, let’s put it like this. Have you ever wanted to create your own game, and publish it online for thousands of people to play? Well, you can’t really do that without some programming experience, technical know how, dedicated hardware and much more.   You’ll probably want to know straight away what kind of games you can make with Gameleon, and to keep the answer short, you can make 2D and isometric MMORPG’s and similar games ( single player RPG’s, hack and slash games, point and click adventures and so on). In fact, to showcase this exact point we’ve taken an iconic RPG - Diablo 2 - and re-created its first few levels.   It tooks us two days to extract models and textures from the original Diablo and import them into our editor. Check out the result for yourselves: and remember this is in a browser!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31tkQ4tp_2c   We designed it with user-friendliness in mind, and specifically tailored it to people who are non-technical in such a way that it doesn’t require any knowledge of programming languages,  animation, etc. It’s very intuitive and 100% visual: everything is done with a drag and drop interface, and the scripting and AI behaviors and such are all pretty easy.   The finished editor will also have an Asset Market, where you can upload assets made for your games and auction them to others (or give them away for free). This means that not only game creators will want to use Gameleon, but also artists and programmers, sound designers and recorders, who will be able to get a buck out of helping people with bits and pieces to make their own games.   We’ve entered open beta recently and have opened up the beta version editor to the world. We’d really like to get your feedback on this. We’ve made a quick tutorial video to showcase the creation process using a quick, basic 2D map. Check it out!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T1MBu8qJEc   You can access the live editor at http://editor.gameleon.co/   In the left hand side of the interface there are resources and links to get you started: you’ll find maps and skins to start making maps for the beta, as well as links to the community and to the contact form, videos and more.  We’ve tried to make it so that you have an easy time getting started.   When we started out making Gameleon, we had a vision: to reinvent how the world creates and consumes online multiplayer games. To take game making from the elite few big companies and make it accessible to the vast majority of gamers out there. To crowdsource game making, if you will. We want to democratize game making, and we need you to do this!   If you like what you’ve read so far, please, gives us a hand and test out the editor! We’re excited to get your feedback and suggestions.   Contacts us: contact@gameleon.co Website: www.gameleon.co Facebook: http://goo.gl/Ey2bTO Twitter: www.twitter.com/GameleonMain Beta Editor Link: www.editor.gameleon.co