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  1. Game Development Engines

    Because I don't know how to delete posts I simply edited the post.  I am much more interested in what engine people use to develop games not what form of text people use to design games (I guess.. that writing stuff down is designing...but to me designing games is more than writing stuff down.)     Tom - could you teach me how to delete posts so in the future I can delete them instead of being misunderstood?  We have different views are on what designing games are, and I think it would be more acceptable to match the other posters in the thread, than be misunderstood.  
  2. Please Delete

    I wanted this topic deleted (it isn't relevant anymore and I wanted to start over fresh with this website.)  If the forum moderators want to keep it up to "Enlighten the public"  I won't (and can't fight it).  I was just recently allowed to defend myself (I was locked out of responding by moderators right after requesting this post deleted so I can start fresh).     To all users, if you would like to see the post that created this please check out the first post.  If you want the full story from both sides, they are both posted here (make sure to read the history for original posts.)   Except for the other post that was deleted which included the accusation of me spamming on my first post on the site.   Even though my experience with this forum (All 2 days of it)  has been less than fun, I am willing to put this aside, and move forward in a positive fashion.  If the moderators would like this topic to stay (even though not relevant to anything gamedev)  to make some kind of example out of me, then so  be it.  
  3. Game Development Engines

    Thank you Norman for the advice!  I'll have to be a little more careful of how I word things.  I guess when I think of designing games, I think of every aspect because of being a solo developer using Unity, and not actually writing what I am going to do on paper.     I like your suggestion though, and will give it a whirl.   -Acem
  4. Please Delete

    I was accused of spamming advertisements rudely by Tom he did not do so in a professional manner.  I was not spamming advertisements, and had only one post.  I explained in my post that I was new to the site, and stated that if a moderator wanted to move my post then it would be moved.  It was moved, and then later I found that it was deleted without being given any reason why.  That is what I reposted.  I was not only moved, but also the post was removed, and because there was no reason I felt it ok to repost.   Hopefully I will have a better time with the website. I don't want to be negative but I will not accept being chastised by a moderator, and then having my legitimate post deleted without any reason given to me.
  5. Hey, this is Drew from Acem Gaming here to bring you a video series on Unity C# Game Programming.  This series is designed to help anyone including people with zero programming experience.  The first few episodes are the basics, and as the series progresses you will learn more advanced topics.  If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.   -Drew   Here is a Youtube playlist for the entire series :
  6. Game Development Engines

    I guess I should have written development instead of design... lol.  I guess I have to agree with you guys that to design games I do use pen and paper. I'm gonna delete this post, and create a game development engine.     (woops) should edit   I'm going to create a game development engine post.
  7. Please Delete

    Hey Stormynature,   I want to say firstly, thank you very much for your reply.  It is very professional, and that is what I have been looking for by the moderators in these forums.  I'm not looking to get my way, but I would like a professional answer. Not what I have received from the moderators that have commented.   1.)  You are correct in saying that this is a reflection of my experience so far, and is not fair to all moderators, but definitely the ones that I have experienced so far.  I don't want to be the person that complains, but I feel this is justified.  I'll be changing that status shortly, I just wanted to show my bad experience.   2.)  I would assume that my videos about tutorials put in the beginners forum would be an appropriate place because they are designed to help beginners.  (And yes I do advertise my work because I would like people to see my videos.)  I've actually thought about using them as answers to people who have questions on how to do things as an alternative.  It does not surprise me that Tom Sloper removed my post and insulted me since he has tutorials on his website (not even related to Unity).  It is extremely unprofessional.  Someone that prevents other people from posting and insults them, but then posts their own content is disgusting.   3.)  I've actually been looking at making journals to try, and help people by going in-depth to techniques to go along with the videos.   4.)  I would love if they were linked to that dataset, and help fellow developers!   Again, thank you a lot for your post.  It is a professional answer that I am looking for.  I hope that my experience with this website becomes much better.   Thank you, -Drew
  8. Hey I am new to this site, and was wondering what people on here use to design games.  I'm currently using Unity3d and love it!  Compared to the other engines that I have used, it is super easy to learn, and has a great community driving it forward.  I'm curious if there are any other great engines out there.   Looking forward to hearing from you.   (Edited)  : I am editing this post, because I originally meant what engine people use to develop games, and what I said was design which was taken in a way that I did not intend.  I imagine that people write down there ideas (I guess that is designing games...).  But I think a much more interesting topic is what do people use to develop games.
  9. Please Delete

    I saw that you locked my post because of cross-posting. From what I can tell you are saying that these two posts are being crossposted. -Unity3d Game Design Tutorials -Unity3d C# Game Programming Video Tutorials These two posts are on completely different topics. One is about making games in Unity, and the other is about programming C# in Unity. I don't understand why they were accused of crossposting when they are about different topics. I also saw I received a 'warning point' for this as well. If you could get back to me, and explain in detail why this is cross-posting that would be great. Also, I don't see how either of these do not fit the beginner forum as these are targeted towards beginner game developers so if you could explain why announcements is an appropriate place that would be good too. Thanks -Acem
  10. Hey guys, I just tried to convert my game to Android from Web Player, and when I went to test it I noticed that my Android smart phone is an Armv6 processor and not supported with the current version of Unity. I went to the verizon store to see about getting an Armv7 processor phone, but I don't want to pay for the plan. The person there suggested buying a tablet. I saw the post that listed the supported tablets, but I was wondering what people's experience with using tablets has been, and if you recommend any tablets to use. Thank you in advance. -Drew
  11. Hey guys, Drew from Acem Gaming bringing you over 75 Tutorials in both Unity and Blender to help teach you how to design games in the Unity Game Engine.   These series are designed to teach you how to develop games in the Unity Game Engine.  Each video will teach you more techniques to help improve your game design arsenal.    With everything from beginner game making, to programming C#, to making models in Blender, these tutorials will help you start designing games in Unity as well as add new techniques to your arsenal of game developing tools. All of the videos are recorded with PX21 headphones and Microsoft Expression Encoder to bring you high quality tutorials that you can clearly hear and see. Questions are always welcome, feel free to contact me, and I will try to answer quickly and fully.  If you ever have any other game design questions not relating to the video you are always welcome to ask as well. Currently, there are 4 different playlists of video tutorials designed to teach you different game design aspects of Unity and Blender. -Beginner Unity Tutorials : - Teach you the basics of designing video games in Unity as well as some beginner techniques. - C# concepts & programming in Unity : - Teach you both basic and advanced features in how to program in C# specifically in Unity. -Unity Game Design (Advanced & random concepts) : -Teach you both random and advanced features in Unity. -Blender Tutorials : -Teach you how to use Blender to m model, texture, and animate Unity Assets. New tutorials are uploaded frequently, to keep giving you new techniques to add to your arsenal. Any suggestions of aspects that you would like to know more about are more than welcome!  Also, any game design discussions are more than welcome as well. Link to Channel :   
  12. Please Delete

    I have a couple of different series on developing games in Unity.  All of the concepts above have their own place in Unity, and as you watch the series you will see that I explain how they are used in programming games.  They do relate to developing games because they allow you to accomplish things (dictionaries make a good inventory system).  Here are the links to the Youtube video series that I have to teach how to create games in Unity.    -Drew   -Beginner Unity Tutorials : - Teach you the basics of designing video games in Unity as well as some beginner techniques. -Unity Game Design (Advanced & random concepts) : -Teach you both random and advanced features in Unity.
  13. Please Delete

    Hey tharealjohn,   I'm glad that you are going to watch the videos!  Yes, these are relevant to Unity because they are using Monodevelop which is the IDE that Unity uses.  The different programming languages that can be used with Unity are Javascript, C#, and Boo.  All of the C# tutorials are relevant to creating games in Unity, and the concepts can carry over in different environments.  I wanted the concepts in this series to be useable by the people wanting to program both small and large games in Unity, so not all C# concepts are useful in developing different types of games.  Hope this helps clear that up.   -Drew
  14. Please Delete

    Hey, this is Drew from Acem Gaming here to bring you a video series on Unity C# Game Programming.  This series is designed to help anyone including people with zero programming experience.  The first few episodes are the basics, and as the series progresses you will learn more advanced topics.  If you ever have any questions feel free to ask.   (edit)  If this post is going to be kept (as off topic as it is) I'm going to keep it so that my post isn't locked with people not knowing what post started this entire conflict.     Here is a Youtube playlist for the entire series :   Here is each individual video episode : -Part 1 : Javascript and C# Differences : -Part 2 : Variable Types : -Part 3 : Operators : -Part 4 : IF and ELSE Statements : -Part 5 : Loops (While, Do, For) : -Part 6: Functions : -Part 7 : Arrays : -Part 8 : Access Modifiers : -Part 9 : Classes and Constructors : -Part 10 : Class Inheritance : -Part 11 : Static Keyword : -Part 12 : Null Keyword : -Part 13 : Comments & Regions : -Part 14 : Foreach Statements : -Part 15 : Switch Statements : -Part 16 : Type Conversion : -Part 17 : Using Namespaces: -Part 18 : Lists : -Part 19 : Dictionaries : -Part 20 : Enumerations (enum) : -Part 21 : MultiDimensional Arrays :