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  1. Finally played #LifeIsStrange, also I'm not fan of "teen drama", the atmosphere, storytelling and characters are so great! #Dontnod
  2. My new website/portofolio is up! https://t.co/7D9STcGuSy Btw, #wordpress is nice and easy to use :)
  3. Navezof

    Day one: Idea and Concept

    Teddy + razor = Make a livestock of teddy and collect their wool in order to build the biggest wool company of the toy world!!!!!...or not. Anyway, I thrice what was said earlier, nice artwork ;D
  4. Nice concept, I like the idea of having a physical representation of Hope I'm waiting to hear and see more about the gameplay :) And have fun with your daugther :D
  5. Some rumor says that @unity3d will be sold. It is true? http://t.co/vAXGvmR895
  6. Epocu is a new, easy and free way to hype upcoming games and test new game concepts! http://t.co/71hmkqhVAW Seems nice :D
  7. https://t.co/3jebh0AMsD Following Little Witch Academia, another anime project on @kickstarter It looks good
  8. A peaceful, emotionally driven first-person experience set in a unique and living world. http://t.co/UiiLBdpQsG
  9. Tablet-based game that provides a group of people the possibility to play a offline multiplayer role-playing. http://t.co/mrR34UzjTa
  10. What does it really cost to open an indie studio? All your money, most of your life http://t.co/DJ4I7z4Ipf via @Polygon
  11. Explore, build, fight and survive Oort Online, a new multiplayer sandbox game https://t.co/s9lpIe7tHu http://t.co/aAhMGLrMEL #oortonline
  12. RT @CyanideStudio: Blood Bowl will be available tomorrow on #iPad and #Android tablets! #BloodBowl http://t.co/9quwRIANCw
  13. RT @LukePlunkett: would play if game (by nbekkaliev) http://t.co/GS9XeAt6Ty
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