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  1. This system have a feeling of deja-vu if you allow me the expression.   It's like a dark soul, but instead of one attack, you have three types of attack? Dark souls is a good game, so the combat system you describe should work, probably. Even though having three attack is not really necessary, as dark souls is more based on timing and distance (knowledge of) than diversity of strikes. As long as the pointy end of the weapon is in the bad guy, it doesn't really matter where it came from ^^   So, If I were to do a dark souls clone, I'd focus more on having only one attack strike (per weapon) and works on the tuning of the attack and dodge in order to have the more precise system possible. Else, you could look at the new game of Ubisoft : For Honor. In which they seems to have a nice combat system (from what the video are telling us) based on direction of strike versus direction of defense (if you are defending up and the enemy is attacking up, the attack is deflected). You have to use feint, moves, and dodge to strike at the right time, the right angle) This kind of system would take more sense in the case you have multiple strike pattern.   So yeah, I don't know if it helps, but here are my two cents, or roupies, or euros, or whatever.
  2. Navezof

    What to expect from level designers?

    Each company has its own way of doing things, but here is how I work with and as a level designer.   What does a level designer expect, e.g. tools, guidance? Tools : not so much as he will probably use whatever engine the game is developed with. Except if he create the level in a third party software (like maya/3ds max) but here it is more an environmental artist than a level designer. Guidance : Depends on the type of guidance. You mean as directive? I'm expecting a level designer to create the level  (as in assemble the assets) from base to end. What should you expect from a level designer, e.g. complete levels, unskinned but working levels, diagrams? I'd say a level design aim for the final version of the level. (Maybe before the lighing and fx artist) As he has to assemble all the different elements of the game. Art, gameplay elements, narrative, etc... How does the role overlap with other parts of the creative process? A level designer will probably have a say on : environment (this props does not fit with the rest of the level), gameplay (this gameplay mechanic is not useful enough), some more, and will also have a lot of bug to report. How does a level designer work with the rest of the team, e.g. do they directly ask for art assets, leave it to someone else, etc? A level designer should already have all the assets he need. His role is not to create assets, but use them the best he can.       Yes. Or at least this is a good start :)
  3. It seems more complicated, than what it really is.   What is the intent of the feature? What did you want to achieve with this?   It seems unfair, losing because you were not lucky enough is extremely frustrating.     This feature, I quite like it, it bring some kind of heroism, and this kind of tenacity is expected of heroes. But the system may be simpler than you describe it. How about :  - every time a character fall under X% health, he has Y% chance to ignore/reduce the incoming damage. (here you can apply whatever special condition) - the X and Y values can be modified by stats (for example tenacity)   Apart from the phrasing (which is very funny), those special condition are kind of odd. If I understand well :   Ys: when in tenacious health, strong attack damage are reduced and weak attack damage are increased Cy : when in tenacious health, damage below 6 are reduced to one and hit the tenacious health. Every damage taken in tenacious state hit the tenacious health first.   Then Cy has two health bar? I don't really see the intent behind this mechanic.   Do you have any situation/examples/schematics? It would be easier to understand. :)
  4. Navezof

    How Important is Concept Art?

    If you are working in a team, having concept art, even if not of a really good quality, will probably be necessary. If you start spending some hours on a characters and the creative director (or the other members) doesn't like the design of the character, you may lost a lot of time redoing your character.   Even a quick drawing to show the general atmosphere, design of a character/place is always nice to show :)  
  5. The idea seems fun, specialy the day/night cycle which can bring nice gameplay opportunity.     1. Yes, playing and playing and playing, with a lot of different possible is required to balance your game. Try to get as many data as possible to put into graph in order to help you balance everything. It is quite tedious, but numbers never lie :D For example, record the statistics of each heroes at each turns (position, number of abilities, life, etc...) for as many games at possible.   2. To make the endgame more interesting :   - Event card : as you said, event that change the game is a good idea, as it prevent player to just stay at one place. Some of those event could be the apparition of a very powerful and evil monster who roam the land destroying every town he sees (Much like the mongol and Chaos hordes in the total war strategy games) To defeat him the player have to either be extremely powerfull or he has to team up with the other heroes (and then taking the risk of being backstabbed)   - Destiny mission :  At the start of the game each hero draw a destiny. A card which give a mission the hero has to achieve in order to win the game. His mission his known only by him.   For example : Kill the hero of light, destroy X town, find W gold, find the object X and bring it to Y   - Leveling and stuffing are easy way to add more weight on the player progression, but it can be difficult to balance. (how a player gain level/stuff, does the monster have to level up? does the reward of quest is leveld up?)     In any case, good luck and keep us informed :)
  6. Finally played #LifeIsStrange, also I'm not fan of "teen drama", the atmosphere, storytelling and characters are so great! #Dontnod
  7. My new website/portofolio is up! https://t.co/7D9STcGuSy Btw, #wordpress is nice and easy to use :)
  8. Navezof

    Day one: Idea and Concept

    Teddy + razor = Make a livestock of teddy and collect their wool in order to build the biggest wool company of the toy world!!!!!...or not. Anyway, I thrice what was said earlier, nice artwork ;D
  9. Nice concept, I like the idea of having a physical representation of Hope I'm waiting to hear and see more about the gameplay :) And have fun with your daugther :D
  10. Some rumor says that @unity3d will be sold. It is true? http://t.co/vAXGvmR895
  11. Epocu is a new, easy and free way to hype upcoming games and test new game concepts! http://t.co/71hmkqhVAW Seems nice :D
  12. https://t.co/3jebh0AMsD Following Little Witch Academia, another anime project on @kickstarter It looks good
  13. A peaceful, emotionally driven first-person experience set in a unique and living world. http://t.co/UiiLBdpQsG
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