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  1. I've been using my wii controller and nunchuk with Unity + oculus rift and am wondering if I were to actually use them for a project together can I legally make a game that needs a nintendo brand controller to play? Not using the wii or it's sensor, just the controller with a computer......   Thoughts?  
  2. I like unity for a variety of reasons: multi platform publishing, easy workflow, great asset store, native binary support through plugins, etc.     We've done projects using combinations of: ms kinect sensor asus xtion pro sensor oculus rift  leap motion sensor sphero ar balls AR middleware such as metaio and vuforia.  realistic real world terrains from google earth heightmaps Which take hours to implement rather than weeks/months.
  3. shindig


    What's your guys' take on it? I've been playing around with it and am pretty impressed.   These are some scenes I exported out of Unity and rendered in canvas with J3D.js      Here's a live example: http://leefromseattle.com/jsonB/page.html       And I found this plugin for webGL in IE but haven't implemented it yet: http://www.iewebgl.com/Default.aspx     The skyboxes were free on the unity asset store heh.         
  4. shindig

    Unity Is Flash dying?

    I spent yesterday and this morning messing around with serializing objects from Unity to json, then rendering them in the browser with javascript.     You can access the individual mesh names from the json, and add controls and stuff like you would any other js element on the web.  function onMouseMove(e) { mx = e.clientX; my = e.clientY; } camera.rotation.x = (my / window.innerWidth* 2 - 1) * 0.5; camera.rotation.y = (mx / window.innerHeight * 2 - 1) * 0.5;     Here's a demo: http://leefromseattle.com/jsonB/page.html
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