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  1. You really don't own shit as the musician unless you self publish. So as Kylotan said you will have to talk to the publisher about licensing. 
  2. Ah the rumor mill is alreading producing for next generation GPUs. All I have to say is to take every thing you see with an ocean of salt. At least until the manufacturer does a press release or something.
  3. I have no problems viewing history. Im on mobile right now and the button is next to the multiquote tool.
  4. I got a 128GB in my LG G5 right now. Most newish phones support up to 200-256GB cards.
  5. tragic

    Maximum Game Resolution

    4k monitors are coming into play fairly quickly as well as 1440p @ 144Hz. Or even ultra wides at 3440x1440. At this point in time new titles should support any and all aspect ratios and resolutions. I personally run 7680x1440 with triple 2560x1440 27 inch monitors. There really shouldn't be a cap for your max res. If the users system can handle it then why not let them. The graphics hardware certainly isn't lagging behind these resolutions. 4K with high/ultra settings with 40-60fps being achievable. There have been 8K tests as well with Nvidia Pascal TitanXs achieving medium settings with playable frame rates so were not too far behind. Next graphics generation should yield 8K viability. Moral of the story is scale your game to fit a wide variety of resolutions. Nothing is more infuriating then running something other than native monitor resolution.
  6. tragic

    getting a new PC for DX development

    I personally would go for an X99 platform build. Its close(ish) to the cost of a 6700k and a Z170 board but you get 2 more cores for workstation tasks.    Basically the 6700k would perform better in a gaming workload as it as much better single core performance but anything to do with a multithreaded workflow a 6800k or 6850k does a fair bit better in any multithreaded workload.,9.html   Also as Promit stated 2560x1440 resolution monitors are extremely nice to have, as well as having multiple monitors can help boost your productivity. I personally use 2 BenQ GW2765 monitors and a BenQ XL2730Z. The GW2765's are fairly cheap too (also they're an IPS panel so their colour reproduction is fantastic). I payed $400 CAD a piece for mine but assuming you're using US currency they're about $329 USD a piece at the moment.
  7. tragic

    Battlefield One

    Part of me is super hyped for BF1 as dice make really good games (and extra hype as it reminds me so much of their original game with blimps and biplanes...) but I'm really burned by EA's FPS DLC model. AAA games cost enough to begin with, without being coerced into paying for it three times over, having the player-base segregated, and not being able to play the new maps because your gaming buddies can't afford to buy the game a second/third time... My thoughts exactly, their pricing is disgusting.
  8. tragic

    Malicious looking ad

    I just got this about a minute ago. I don't believe I clicked anything as I was focused on my other two monitors. (Though I may have left my cursor on my monitor with the offending web page and accidentally clicked.)
  9. June 2010 for the stand alone sdk.
  10. I haven't specifically used a controller for game dev but I have done work with them for robotics related work. I found the easiest to use for controllers/joysticks was the Xbox 360 controller and the Logitech Attack 3 as their control mappings are very straight forward and logical.
  11. tragic

    Affordable Copy Protection

    If I had to choose a system it would probably be FADE which was used in ArmA 2. It works by using fake 'scratches' on the ISO image (disc image) which most mounting tools fix automatically which then triggers the FADE system as the scratches are no longer there. From there the game slowly becomes harder to play as weapon accuracy decreases over time. Eventually the game will introduce bugs into the game that make using vehicles and such completely unplayable. So as time progresses it becomes are horrible buggy mess that displays adverts to buy the game across the screen.    Possibly the best part of the FADE system is the fact that paying users are completely unaffected/unaware of such a system.   @frob mentioned a good one.    I personally wouldn't go any further than steam it self if affordable is what your after. 
  12. If you have the means labView would probably be the best example of a graphical (how ever a license for it is a bit expensive) programming language but there is also scratch. I would even look at node editors in blender and similar applications because that is more or less graphical shader programming
  13. Yes, it is a fairly common pattern in modern version control. If you somehow prefer working with git you can configure a P4 client that works like a git repo. The commands are basically "git p4 clone", "git p4 sync", "git p4 submit", etc.        I would make a copy and submit them as though they were fresh, but you probably could do something more complex as a proper fork.       Depends on how much you care about preserving the historical data.   Generally people I work with will just move the files locally, then hit reconcile in P4.  It will mark the old files for deletion and the new files for addition. This breaks the link for file history, but that usually isn't a problem. If someone needs to go digging through histories, when they go to revision 1 of the file the checkin notes say "move the files around", they will see the files deleted and the files added.  They may need to do a bit to find the default-hidden deleted files, but the histories are still available.   Okay cool. Thanks for your help frob. 
  14. It sounds like it works very much like git with streams.   Makes sense. Would you reuse assets between projects simply by copying them between the depot's?   I'll probably give this a go but is it difficult to restructure a depot midway through development if something isn't working out?
  15. I am getting started with perforce and I was wondering what everyone does for their server organization. Do you create depot's for each project? Or simply use folders under one big depot. Separate depot for assets? (Or engine, tools, etc.)   This ultimately a subjective question but I am horrible at organization so any examples or advice is appreciated.
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