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    Why do Indies use Pixely Graphics(16 bit style)?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess you guys have convinced me to go for a pixel route, as it's more economic, I  Can anyone direct me to other games of a large scale(not mobile or casual) that have applied good non-pixel style art?  I know Braid is one, but it's aesthetically not pleasing to me. 
  2. Hey guys, I came to ask a question. There seems to be an ongoing trend with indie devs to go with a pseudo 16 bit art style when approaching game developing. Is there a particular reason why they choose to make this style, or is it a design choice? Is vector really that hard to apply? Does the notion of going HD complicate things? Shantae doesnt seem to have the problem making that transition and BlazBlu/ Guilty Gear have been using HD or larger scaled pixel art for a very long time now.  Is it a resolution problem, where the machines have a hard time transitioning to different devices?  I'm new with these concepts as I'm just an artist, but I have to think about these things as well when approaching the art style of the game.  Hope to hear from the community soon.    
  3. andrechanGD

    Software for animating 2D Sprites

    Graphics gale is the one I use for doing pixel graphics. 
  4. andrechanGD

    Quick question: Tiled or not?

    It's gonna be a pc game. It's just my final project for school. Nothing serious. Gonna work on it with an engine i will build though. The side walls shouldnt be tiled?  Clock tower's side walls have doors and they are animated to open when you touch them. Does that mean the whole room has a sprite sheet?  
  5. andrechanGD

    Quick question: Tiled or not?

    Quick question. I'm trying to replicate art for this game im trying to make for school.  It's the sort of art that's on an x and y axis but has a little bit 3d space in the back. Something like the clocktower for snes. Here's the link http://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/3/2242.png   Is it tiled or not?  If not, considering the standard size of today's games where we can go 1080p, would doing one full room cause lag with the loading?  
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