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    Help Choosing School

    Well thank you very much for the advice and time you have put into replying. I highly appreciate it you have given me plenty to think about and I will read FAQs again.
  2. ZerO_0

    Help Choosing School

    Well I am leaning more to the art side than the programming since I have more experience with it but I need much more practice with it like you said. I feel the programming side if I dedicate myself enough I can self teach myself or am I wrong? I read that even though you do the art you still need to know some programming is this true? If so what languages will I need to know or best to start learning with? At the moment I am teaching myself Python. I've heard its a good programming language to start with for beginners. I am also practicing my drawing to get better. I am trying to practice programming and drawing a few hours a day. I want to get really good at drawing before I really start to use programs. Or should I just learn to start using them now as I practice my art? So since I am leaning more towards the art side would any of the two schools I mentioned be good for it?
  3. ZerO_0

    Help Choosing School

    Well I was thinking of either through programmiing because its interesting and fun. I have barely begun to learn to program though. That or through art. I can draw decently well but just have to learn the programs. Like I said before I don't mind the hard work.
  4. ZerO_0

    Help Choosing School

    Sorry, I didn't know that was essential detail but I am twenty-four years old. I currently work for Pit Stop, I am a supervisor there. It is a chain of car washes and I basically make sure all the machines are working and replace anything that isn't. Well my planned pathway was to go to school get my education, dedicate myself to learning as much as I could to get a great porfolio and get an entry level postion in one of the gaming studios here in Las Vegas. From there move my way on up I know I won't get a top notch position in a game studio when I start. I know that I will have to work for it and it will take some time to reach where I want to be at. I don't mind the hard work I just want to make sure that I take the best route that is available to me.
  5. ZerO_0

    Help Choosing School

    I actually have read most of those FAQs haven't read them all still working on it. Have been lurking the site for a couple weeks now. Yes, I understand a degree isn't necessary but it helps. I am considering it because I am married and I am looking for a "quick" education in the subject and I feel going to a state college may take me too much time to complete. I work full time and my wife doesn't I am the sole bread winner and I work a lot of overtime to make end meets six days a week or more. So I feel that a for-profit school is really my only option for an education with my schedule. Maybe I am viewing this wrong and should consider going to UNLV.
  6. Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong forum but any help is appreciated. So I am in middle of choosing between two schools for Game Design. I am thinking of going to either Art Institute of Las Vegas or The International Academy of Design and Technology. The Art Institute to me looks better and more professional but I know looks aren't everything. I have already looked through the FAQs for schools and in gamecareerguide.com only AI was listed in their schools list. I just want to know if anybody knows if any of these programs are better recongize than the other? If I should even be attending any of these programs? Would I just be wasting my time with any of these programs? I have heard that employers just disregard for-profit schools and dont even interview or even less just throw away the resume.  I have heard for-profit schools are just in it for the money and don't care for their students. I just want to hear from people that have worked in the Gaming Industry what people think of these schools and pretty much if its worth it? I just want to get a good education and get into the industry. Sorry for any typos or spelling mistakes.
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