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  1. What I Want to Build A solid ARPG in the realm of Diablo/Path of Exile. A gritty, gorey world with hope and beauty peppered throughout. I already have a world that I've been designing in my head for the game, but I haven't thought about any of the systems yet. The world is, idk, magicpunk? Basically steampunk, but with magic fueling everything instead. There is a lot of content we can do with the world, but the timeframe for this game would be during the Crimson Plague - Demons, Necromancers, Ghouls, etc. To summarize necromancers were playing around with the creation of a new curse or parasite to spread the Ghoul disease. It turned out pretty affective. There are some people who are immune to the curse, while others have to use, say, magical barriers to block the disease from spreading. Team What I Can Offer Game design, writing, pixel art, digital art, and programming: C#/Unity, Godot, GameMaker, Kotlin & Java (Haven't used much of LibGDX though), Python, and full-stack web. My main focus is writing and game design. I've always loved creating intricate worlds, getting the player immersed, and fiddling with game systems. I have some background with management, and took a class in college for human relations in business - If that counts for anything. Ha ha. General Positions We Need Artists (2-3) Modeling (2-3) - *Only if we end up doing something 3D Programmer (1-2) Audio Engineer 1 Composer 1 We can go without a programmer since I have a decent background in it. We can knock 1 off of artists if we're doing something 2D, but I'd still prefer someone that is dedicated to it. Stretch Goals Turning our little band of gamers into a serious team. Get a name for ourselves, start selling/publishing games, etc. If anything we can network with each other and hopefully become friends!
  2. Talvysh

    Class skills in tactical rpg?

    The Banner Saga.
  3. I did. Phase-based sounds more reasonable than simultaneous. Now that it's clarified, I know exactly what OP is talking about. Move Phase begins Players Assign their units destinations Move Phase ends Combat Phase begins Units will auto fight each other if within range while moving to their destination. If there are units moving to the same destination then they will fight each other until one unit can take the destination. Combat Phase ends Turn Ends
  4. Talvysh

    How to avoid open-world grind?

    Yes, thank you.
  5. This is the same reasoning I'm talking about. I don't understand what you mean by "simultaneous turns". If you're saying I can move my units while another person can move theirs, then there are no "turns". Is there a language barrier issue here? Please elaborate. What is sounds like is you want a RTS instead of a turn-based strategy game. I'd honestly say you're not being helpful as I don't understand what you're trying to ask. From the sounds of it you want an RTS to be turn based. This doesn't make any sense. I'm sorry you feel that way about my other posts where I'm just "complaining". 🙄
  6. Talvysh

    How to avoid open-world grind?

    You need to have a fun game loop. If your game feels boring after doing the same general task several times, then your game loop sucks. Keep in mind random-gen doesn't equal to fun. You need to apply rules to your generation in order to make the generation feel fun. Complete randomness is actually bad. There has to be things that you craft yourself and put into the generator. As a side note, you're making several open world games and a strategy game. You should probably slow down there, boss.
  7. That's not turn-based. A turn is literally that. You do however many actions you can in a turn and then "pass" on that turn. I think you're confused.
  8. Farming, Shop Management Sim, Puzzles, Music, etc. The list honestly goes on. I don't understand where you get a strategy game has to be about politics or war. You just said you thought strategy games are about politics or war. Gandhi was a huge political figure and was, unfortunately, surrounded around a lot of violence. Farming is strategic since you have to plot your crops in good positions, harvest them at certain times, combat disease, etc. Shop management is strategic where you have to make sure your workers are well paid, keep their mood up, make the shop's layout efficient, make sure customer reviews are good, etc.
  9. Talvysh

    Class skills in tactical rpg?

    You've already answered your question.
  10. Talvysh

    Hex based territory game

    Randomize non-placeable tiles to add some variety.
  11. Me I've been designing and developing games since I was 9 when I was making my own card games or setting up rules with my cousins for pretending to be shopkeepers and selling each other toys and other things with monopoly money (epic). Fast forward and I've been making random stuff, tinkering with things, and not really getting anywhere. I'm currently working on my first solo project and taking it farther than I've ever taken a game on the PC. It's pretty sick. \m/ My end goal is to have a team who can work together with varying ideas to make something memorable that gamers can come back to and appreciate. At the end of the day creating games is my passion, it's the best form of story-telling and that's what I want our team to be known for. Three of my Favorite Games Halo 3 Warcraft 3 World of Warcraft What I'll Do Game Design Management Writing Help make awesome games with you. oWo What I Can Help Do Intermediate Programming (C#, Python, GML, JS, PHP, CSS, Java) Pixel Art (I can do traditional drawing, but I don't have anything for digital art.) What I can't do right now. 3D modeling or coding. Audio anything. Expert/Advanced level programming. Goals of Our Team PC-Only, could change in the future. Genre Scope: Story-Heavy Horror RPG Survival Getting our feet wet, finding out who's who in our team, and making phat $ at some point /s. Requirements A mic and a Discord account to join our Discord server. Some previous work (doesn't have to be professional or with a team) for whatever position you're wanting with us. A couple hours at least 3 days a week to communicate and work with us. Great communication skills THREE of your FAVORITE games. >:D
  12. What the fuck happened to my crush when I was a kid? 😓 #Charmed https://t.co/UsYDJBFkuK

  13. @lphaCentauriKid @pewdiepie You're whacked in the head. Nuts. Have mental issues.

  14. Super sav. Dude has goals. 👌 Teacher: "I have no words..." https://t.co/qvw0RFWmMt

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