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  1. Me I've been designing and developing games since I was 9 when I was making my own card games or setting up rules with my cousins for pretending to be shopkeepers and selling each other toys and other things with monopoly money (epic). Fast forward and I've been making random stuff, tinkering with things, and not really getting anywhere. I'm currently working on my first solo project and taking it farther than I've ever taken a game on the PC. It's pretty sick. \m/ My end goal is to have a team who can work together with varying ideas to make something memorable that gamers can come back to and appreciate. At the end of the day creating games is my passion, it's the best form of story-telling and that's what I want our team to be known for. Three of my Favorite Games Halo 3 Warcraft 3 World of Warcraft What I'll Do Game Design Management Writing Help make awesome games with you. oWo What I Can Help Do Intermediate Programming (C#, Python, GML, JS, PHP, CSS, Java) Pixel Art (I can do traditional drawing, but I don't have anything for digital art.) What I can't do right now. 3D modeling or coding. Audio anything. Expert/Advanced level programming. Goals of Our Team PC-Only, could change in the future. Genre Scope: Story-Heavy Horror RPG Survival Getting our feet wet, finding out who's who in our team, and making phat $ at some point /s. Requirements A mic and a Discord account to join our Discord server. Some previous work (doesn't have to be professional or with a team) for whatever position you're wanting with us. A couple hours at least 3 days a week to communicate and work with us. Great communication skills THREE of your FAVORITE games. >:D
  2. Talvysh

    now or never.

  3. What the fuck happened to my crush when I was a kid? 😓 #Charmed https://t.co/UsYDJBFkuK

  4. @lphaCentauriKid @pewdiepie You're whacked in the head. Nuts. Have mental issues.

  5. Super sav. Dude has goals. 👌 Teacher: "I have no words..." https://t.co/qvw0RFWmMt

  6. @MattzzYT @pewdiepie Well, that's just great news! 👏

  7. @coolmig @_brittin @NomanSharief @pewdiepie Took him a bit long wouldn't you say? Supposed to die like 40+ years a… https://t.co/Qj4IOwNEea

  8. @Lineage2_Rev Why play a game when it plays itself for you! Oh, and throw money at us to make stuff play itself faster! 😉

  9. RT @Celeste_pewter: This decision by Trump annoys me on an intellectual/academic level. There are DECADES of studies stating there is no ca…

  10. That'd be awesome if we work well together.
  11. That'd be awesome for me, but wouldn't want to push you to do it if you don't want to. It's a really great communication software, pretty popular with gamers. You can just use the web app, install it on your phone, or desktop. Shoot me a friend request if you do: Talvysh#9376
  12. Talvysh

    Experienced composer looking for projects!

    Do you have Discord?
  13. @day9tv So much emotion. Kappa https://t.co/bRvPAYoYmY

  14. @Melanade_Stand @xGrump @wizgicianbrb @DecadenceStore LOL 👎

  15. @SheriffElayne @Education4Libs @mrxeriscape Google is your friend: https://t.co/cZRJ6jxc9a Seems like there's a lo… https://t.co/9rjKqa5CLk

  16. @underflowR @Omeed @Twitch @Kripparrian 💚

  17. @PaulChaloner I don't think Paul's point was that he would like to see her run, but in a hypothetical run for offic… https://t.co/1IOHVKQXcC

  18. @sextoyspolitics @csdanger Every group has a side that people see as radical. That side in feminism is usually def… https://t.co/O53SvGmeFp

  19. What a fucking twat. https://t.co/PNUMK8ANW0

  20. @Vega_careless @Justin_Seib @AnnaProsser @iNcontroLTV @RockErLighT Well shit, that's fucking dumb then.

  21. Think I'm going to try recording some Vainglory today. Wish me luck! :O

  22. 💦 https://t.co/gZQAa7YwBI

  23. @Gomezio_ @PaulChaloner Ha! Right?

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