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    Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to the game development world, but I consider myself a novice C++ programmer, having created a couple console-based games that revolve around simulated card draws or dice rolls.   I'm thinking about creating a MMO that maybe plays from the console. Perhaps it would be more user-friendly to have a browser based game, but I think a console app would be possible and desirable.   I could be wrong. I'm not interested in creating a MUD, I know what they are. I'm looking at a game where the player essentially chooses AI preferences, does inventory management, etc. and allows the server to simulate the PC's actions in the game.   For instance, an example of some game events would be: A band of PC's have teamed up to fight a dragon. The fight is automatically resolved. The dragon is slain, but all but two of the party are dead and those two are too injured to travel. Another PC is the devotee of a merciful god. The user is offline, but he/she has commanded his/her character to wander the wilderness. There is a % chance of the PC stumbling across the injured PCs, and by healing them, the PC gains favor with his god.   Right now I'll admit this is a rather nebulous idea, so if you have any questions, it might serve to help me clarify what I really want.   But basically I'm posting here to be pointed in the right direction to achieve this idea...something that would allow for a lot of autonomous interaction on the server. I'm not sure if that phrase means anything. Thanks for reading.   Edit:  I think maybe it would be more in line with what I was envisioning to do a single-player RPG, interacting with the server via email.  Any tips for that?
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