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  1. Forlorn_Visions.

    Proposal for a Composer's symposium

    I'm up for this, as well :)  Being a self-taught amateur, I doubt I could contribute something valuable. But I sure would like to hear some advice from people, who are set in the industry. :) Sing me up :) Though, take into account that my questions could seem stupid and the answers obvious... I wouldn't want to be a hindrance in a professional discussion.. On top of that, english isn't my native language, so I you would have to bear a lot of my questions about terminology. Damn, this sounds so troublesome for you guys... Maybe I should reconsider...
  2. Forlorn_Visions.

    Chip tune-Noir jazz fusion

    Being a self-taught amateur, I'm not sure I can contribute anything reasonable here, but...  :P   At the very beginning (starting at 0:18), I think the hats on percussion have a bit too long release. I'm not a jazz passionate, so I might be wrong here. Maybe that's how it's suppose to be, I don't know...  To me, it creates an effect of white noise, disturbing the piece as a whole. Hopefully, Nate will prove me wrong, having a lot more experience :) Having said that - I really enjoyed the music! Despite the fact, I'm not into jazz and definitely not into saxophone nor chip tunes ;) That just proves to me, to keep my mind open!   Paul Zawal
  3. Forlorn_Visions.

    Two martial/orchestral pieces. Any feedback appreciated!

    @nsmadsen - Actually, I tried to make the beginning of the "March of the Damned" sound "spacy", hence so much reverb. I tried to tune down the reverb after the beginning, but it just not sounded right. The difference was either unnoticeable (at least for my ears) or to big making it sound like there were two different fragments stitched together. Damn, I' dont know If I'm making any sense (it's been a while, since I've used english language in every-day life).    Having said that, however, I know what you have in mind. And you're right to some degree about me trying to hide the quality of my samples. Reverb makes for a great camouflage in that matter. I thinks it's too damn visible in my percussion, since I've got really crappy percussion samples and I tend to overdo with reverb on that field.    Repetitiveness... Well, there's a whole story there. You wouldn't believe how repetitive my pieces used to be. I'm still working on it, I guess :)    Anyway, thank you so much for your comments and advice!
  4. Forlorn_Visions.

    Two martial/orchestral pieces. Any feedback appreciated!

    Actually, it does help a lot! I knew something was missing in both of the pieces. I'll make sure to take your advice on building intesity. Thanks for taking your time to listen and comment. 
  5. Forlorn_Visions.

    "Random Action Theme" a new film-style action theme by me....

          Nah, you CAN do magic with soundfonts alone :) It just takes a lot of time to layer and tweak them. Personally, I tend to combine several different string soundfonts for the best result. Sometimes I even add a VST into the mix. Sure, it's the hard way of doing things. But that's just how it is, without a proper toolset ;)    As for the track itself, a word of advice - those hi-hats shouldn't be playing the same rhythm across the whole piece. After a minute it will become just "white noise" for the listener. Try doing some variations!
  6. So, first of all - hello to all of the forum members! I've been skulking around here for some time and finally decided to make myself an account. As for my experience with music... Well, around 4 years ago I started playing around with a FL studio I bought on sale and until recently I never even considered composing as a potential career choice. I have never tried to sell my music, though some of my friends are telling me to give it a try.   I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the two tracks linked below. Should I even bother to try and sell my own pieces? Some of the works I saw here were really amazing; hence, my question.    Here are the links:    March of the Damned -  Wherever the Path Leads -    Thanks in advance for any comments! All critique is welcome
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