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    Best way to implement a path system

    I have searched passing by reference but I don't quite understand how that should be implemented. Will the Enemy class still have a variable that is the path array?   I think a little example would really benefit me right now, in context of my path trouble and not a generic passing by reference.
  2. So I'm making a web game using HTML5 / Javascript. I have an Enemy class and would like to know the best way to implement a path system. I currently have something, but it doesn't seem too efficient for me (Compared to programming I've done in C++). function Enemy(){ this.currentPath = []; this.currentPath.push({x: 5, y: 9}); this.currentPath.push({x: 5, y: 1}); // e.t.c ... this.currentPath.push({x: ..., y: ...}); this.move = function(){ if(atNextNode){ //Not actual code, but relevant this.currentPath.shift(); } }; } For every enemy I create, I push a whole load of new data into each class. Compared to C++ where I could just have a pointer to a Path class and then increment where in the path it is, saving memory.   I know computing power is very fast but I want to know if there are better ways to implement this sort of thing in JavaScript or I should just not worry about minuscule optimisations like this.
  3. I'm not at anywhere near the stage of producing something like this, but I was curious as to what the copyright laws are.   So, in the movie Fast and Furious 7, there is a scene at the beginning where the 'team' drops cars from a plane with parachutes that land on a mountain and then chase the bad guys.   Is that an idea that can be copyrighted?   So if I made a game, and then had a mission where you dropped from a plane, the car deploys a parachute and lands and then it plays out like the movie. Is that protected by the company? Would someone require permission to create something like that?
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