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  1. Thank you so much!  Really good effort by everyone including the judges and contestants. It has been such an experience for us and a lot of fun to take part in this contest so thanks :) Thanks dmatter for the kind words! We worked till the very last minute to polish it. Human Roundup was good fun! Well done to Endurion :)
  2. Congratulations dmatter!   I wasn't aware of the voting, my mistake for not seeing it when it's pinned on the forum and also posted on the FB page. I would have voted for "Get to Work!" if I had the chance :)   Looking forward to the judge results!
  3.   Have a unique hashtag on twitter and tumblr would be a good idea. Like #gdjam, #gdnjam or something similar.   Maybe use the name "The Week of Awesome" in some kinda way. #twoaJam, #awsmJam, I don't know.
  4. I Really enjoyed playing the submissions! As I know my own game is not so straight forward I made a little gameplay video of the final game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IouXo10KniU   As being our first attempt at a basic story RPG I realise after lots of feedback so many things we should have done differently, but that's why we do these jams, to experiment and learn new things! :)
  5. Team Snuti game complete: No Better than Dinosaurs   "There exists a world where dinosaurs were never extinct, humans were not at the top of the food chain, and we humans lived in the treetops of the rainforest. Life is different, as humans never evolved in the same way but what if you had the chance to change the way things are?"   “No better than dinosaurs” is our short RPG game that we made this week. We have really enjoyed making the game and really want to thank everyone who set up the competition. It has really been an enjoyable week and we look forward to see all of the entries.   You can play the game here: http://snuti.net/dino  
  6. Team Snuti's Progress Update   Today, we've completed and integrated most of the soundtrack and sounds into the game. Also, we have finished a large portion of the art and fixed up a few issues from yesterday.    This evening, we're focusing on getting the inventory system up and running and adding a few more assets into the game. Unfortunately, tomorrow we will be away for a day in London so we won't be able to do much on the game.    Here is a brief clip of the game play so far:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WM5Z5yUq5A   The game is taking shape   We are updating every day on our blog. Check it out: http://blog.snuti.net  
  7. Team Snuti's Progress Update We forgot to update yesterday due to a hectic schedule but here is a little update of the last two days.   This morning, we changed our view on the look of the game and chose to not make the game in the pixel style but instead use a mix of drawings and pixel art. This actually improved our workflow and work is progressing steadily.    Most of our art assets and game mechanics are complete. A lot more work to go but here is just a break down of two days work: Movement system Interaction system with NPC's and talking Item pick up and inventory system Door system / Teleportation Start of the music Background art for 4 different areas complete First sequence of the game complete   We are roughly more than half way through but we still have to implement the rest of the story, finish the music and finalise adding assets into the game and a few special scripted events.   Below are some screenshots of the areas and the characters.  
  8. Team Snuti: Wolferaven, Ecker00, Thortrillion   After a slow start due to traveling as well as a busy week ahead, we have completed our game design document and sketches are all drawn up and have just started development now.   We're making a 2D linear story / RPG game, where humans are not on top of the food chain anymore. We live in the rainforest in small houses at the top of the trees and Dinosaurs are a constant threat to society.   We have never done pixel art before, so we will have a go at that, which should be fun! We are using Unity3D with Ragepixel and GIMP and we are also working on our first bit of music as well.   Here is one of our storyboards: [attachment=17514:sketch2.jpg]
  9. Count us in, we're jam ready!   Team Snuti: @wolferaven - Design @ecker00 - Programming Thortrillion - Music