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  1. So I've been researching how to implement an isometric tilemap but specifically, I've found little information on the limits of each programming tree you can take with windows 8 development.   I have written a game in javascript/HTML before and noticed performance issues with many objects on the screen being updated each frame, but I have little experience in c++/DX or c#/XAML, although I have some experience in java and c which would help with the learning curve.   My question is this: If I wanted to make a basic diablo styled isometric 2d game, would javascript be powerful enough to draw ~100 tiles each frame plus any ingame objects at 60FPS? I'm also wondering the same for c#/XAML. I assume it's safe to assume that c++/DX would handle it easily as long as there are no sloppy algorithms.   Cheers everyone.