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  1. SchweeMonster

    Any Jazz people here?

    Hey,  looking for someone to discuss some theory with and possibly more.  Not quite ready to put up a classified yet but if you like video games and know how to write jazz,  we should talk.  Hit me up on Skype at schweedubulus.  Thanks!
  2. SchweeMonster

    2D/3D Artist Seeking Team

    I just wanted to update since posting this.  I have been getting very positive feedback on a game I was planning on retiring, but now I am feeling inspired to continue.   You can take a look at an old demo here:  .  There has been plenty of updates since this and I plan on posting a new video soon.  If you are interested in joining, you'd be starting with a playable build and tons of assets to work with.  Skype me at schweedubulus if you are interested.  Thanks!
  3. SchweeMonster

    2D/3D Artist Seeking Team

    Hey all,   I've been involved on and off with GM for about 4 years now. School and work has been a priority but at the moment I am free to pursue some gamedev. Ideally looking to be setup as a pixel artist/animator. I feel stronger with characters over environments but willing to work on both. Open to other aspects as well such as discussing design and programming.  Check out http://www.jakeschweihs.com for samples of my work.   Very eager to make the next jump forward into gamedev! Working in GMS2 and 1.4 as well as a bit of Unity.  Primarily looking for 2d projects but open to 3D.   I have a few ideas of my own but I would need someone to brainstorm with to fill out details.  I am also fine with joining a project and just doing the art, as long as the game has potential and is a realistic size.     Send me a message on Skype at SchweeDubulus if you are interested, near my time zone, and over 18.  Thanks!
  4. Hey all,     I am looking for someone to collaborate with on a game I have been working on. It is a fantasy/magical themed Metroidvania. Explore the world, fight new enemies, unlock new abilities that let you explore new areas with new enemies and more abilities. Pixel art themed. I've got a build in GMS2 that includes all of the basic mechanics plus a bit more.      So far, I have been doing the art, design, and programming myself, so I am interested in help for all departments! I ask that you only inquire if you are experienced, regularly available, and please be able to provide samples of your work as well. Programmers must have a copy of GMS2 and artists must have a sense of animation or strong ability to draw/conceptualize environments. Really though, the main reason I am seeking out additional help is because I get tired of coming up with ideas, debating and critiquing myself. I need someone who can brainstorm. I am keen that this game carries a strong sense of magic all throughout the world. A surreal/trippy oriented brain is a plus!      Send me a message on Skype at SchweeDubulus if you are interested and serious! Thanks for reading.   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:30698]    
  5. Hey all, Anybody have experience with the Dota 2 workshop?  I think it would be fun to make some sets for some characters.  If so, please let me know a bit about yourself and what your strengths are as an artist.  Concept and digital painting would be a huge plus!  Bonus points if you own Substance Designer and Painter.   Here's an example of a set I created:  
  6. SchweeMonster

    Small team looking for a new project to work on

    Sent a PM.  Would love to get on board.
  7. I'm graduating /w my bachelor's in a month in computer animation.  While my primary goal will be finding some full time work in the industry, that may not happen immediately and I want to keep myself busy.   Check out jakeschweihs.com for examples of my 2d and 3d work.   If you are confident that you can perform on an industry level and you're interested in committing...I don't know, at least 30 hours a week into a real project, then hit me up.   I'm open to hearing your game ideas as well as sharing mine.  I do have some projects already started with a good amount of work done but I'd probably rather start on a fresh idea for the sake of being mutually invested.   Convince me that you're talented and driven enough to be my wingman in this crazy gamedev world!   Skype me at SchweeDubulus
  8. SchweeMonster

    Early Stage Platformer Feedback

    The background layer could benefit from some variation.  Perhaps some of the bricks are missing and portions of the sky are exposed.
  9. SchweeMonster

    Environment/Crafter Pixel Art

    Looks good!  My advice for the tent would be to focus on adding a few stretch marks.  Since its leather, the streches will be longer and more spread apart.  You're canoe yard could also benefit from a tad less lighting on the legs, helping it look a bit more 3d.  Keep up the good work!
  10. SchweeMonster

    Pixel Art From Beggining

    I recommend http://petesqbsite.com/sections/tutorials/tuts/tsugumo/   It's a really simple site and isn't incredibly long but full of good lessons.  It covers a lot of important pixel-art specific topics and it analyzes some of the legends such as Final Fantasy and Street fighter.  You'll get the most out of it if you practice along with each lesson.   i recommend GIMP as far as software goes, its free and easy to use.
  11. SchweeMonster

    Creating My First Large Scale RPG

      This sounds like a great option.  I'm going to look into this, probably today.  Thanks!
  12. SchweeMonster

    Creating My First Large Scale RPG

    I never got far enough into Java or C++ to learn about memory management.  Sounds like Java would be the easier of the two.  It also sounds like it doesn't matter much either way for a 2D RPG.
  13. SchweeMonster

    Creating My First Large Scale RPG

    Great, thanks.  I've made a post at http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=591667.
  14. SchweeMonster

    Game SFX packs

    It's not exactly high quality but you can create your own sound effects at http://bfxr.net
  15. SchweeMonster

    Creating My First Large Scale RPG

    @Malabyte Thanks.  I've done a bit of C++ and Java.  I'm more familiar with Java so I may look more into that.   @kburkhart84 That is good to know.  Where is this GMC you speak of?
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