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    Have you ever wanted to use p2p content discovery or sharing in your app but were put off by a lack of local Wi-Fi session sharing knowledge?   Samsung Chord quickly connects nearby devices so you can create shared, real-time experiences like collaborative interaction, multi-player games and media sharing. Without using the cloud or a server, it instantly supports sharing 1-to-1, 1-to-many or many-to-many. Devices running Chord-based applications discover each other using a UDP broadcast based discovery, and then use a TCP-based protocol stack to create a reliable, peer-to-peer local communication network. This network can be used to share data, including text, binary messages and files, with selected members of the network. Chord SDK helps you create a group with multi-devices in real-time, automatically, requiring no manual processing of devices which join or leave the group.   Join us on the 18th of September at the Innovation Warehouse, London, where we'll take a look at getting started with this great new development tool.