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  1. Yes I also think that the HashMap and Point wrapping might be slowing it. I like working with it though, it adds simplicity, so I'll have to think this one through.   This is where I got the java lib for NoiseLib: https://github.com/TJHJava/libnoiseforjava/wiki
  2. I am not sure what you mean by layers but I am generating three separate noises that produce the heightmap, temperature map and humidity map. The rest are either products of refining data (biomes) or other algorithms (rivers). I am using the Java version of this library to produce the noise: http://libnoise.sourceforge.net/   I might look into the case in the following days and run a more detailed test by adding time-measuring code into the separate generators to gather exact data.
  3. Thanks for the links. I've seen them before but they didn't suit my needs as they produce islands and I need solid terrain.   The generator is designed to just run once and produce a map you can stick to for some time. It is not designed for doing it the fastest way possible nor am I participating in any kind of competition - I focused on making the algorithms work how they should work instead of taking shortcuts. Also most of the generation time is spent producing the perlin noise from a third party noise library which I have no control over, unfortunately. Plus I am new to the topic :)   I didn't measure the time too accurately I must say and I have done quite some tweaks since the last test so I guess I'll run a test again soon.
  4. Hello everybody!   Lately I've been working on a little tiled game of my own in which I want to have procedurally generated terrain. I've browsed these (and other) forums for ideas and I see there is not a lot of terrain generators designed for this (if any). I've decided to make my own for my game and in the course of making it, it happened so it became a separate project, which simply outputs the terrain in a specified format and can as a matter of fact be used by anyone. Therefore I've decided to share.   Please note that I am not by any chance a master programmer and this project is quite simple.   You can find the project on github: https://github.com/Myzreal/MyzoGEN   Currently the only way to modify the parameters of terrain generation is to edit the code, therefore I advise to import the project into Eclipse and work from there. For any of you who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with Java you'd have to wait until I implement a small user interface (probably a simple config file). Sorry for the inconveniences!   Here is an overview image of how it looks like:
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