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  1. FlyingSatin

    MMO Preferences Survey

    Thank you for doing this survey. It was very interested and must have taken a lot of time and effort to set up.
  2. FlyingSatin

    Ditching Diffuse Maps

  3. I, like a lot of people on this website, develop games. I was thinking about different payment options, and was considering PayPal. I don't want anything complicated where I have to make calls, verify tax ID number, register locally, etc. I just want a simple system, and I'm not sure if PayPal is what I want.   Would BitCoin be a suitable payment system for a game? The game itself is completely free, but to get a premium account you have to go to the website and register for around 5 USD. This provides a bunch of cool stuff I won't go into. I am just wondering what you think about BitCoin as payment and the legal/customer satisfaction implications of using BitCoin. What about hybrid BitCoin/PayPal? Are there any other CC services that would be relevant to me?
  4. FlyingSatin

    Yeah, this site is a good find.

    What exactly are you hoping to get out of posting that? I realize that you are thanking everyone for being good citizens of these forums, but what kind of discussion are you trying to start?
  5. FlyingSatin

    I need motivation and guidance

    If you can't find a team, then don't stress. I would recommend just trying to find the easiest way possible to make the simplest game and do that. I know how it feels to be told that. I used to hate that advice. I had a great idea and I knew I could make it, but I found out I couldn't make my 3D lightweight RPG. I instead made a 2D puzzle mystery game. Using tools that I didn't have like Unity should make things much easier for you. Unity might even allow you to break into 3D after a few weeks of learning the software.
  6. FlyingSatin

    Developing a community around my game.

    Here are my suggestions in a linear fashion but in no particular order:   - Make YouTube videos of your game with you playing it. Be sure to have a personality. - Implement a gameplay mechanic or two that has never been done. - Make a "sub-reddit" on Reddit. - Post on 4chan. - Get people on YouTube who have garnered a large following playing games to play your game. - Get a website to review your game. - Implement a multiplayer system in the game. - Minimize the bugs in the game software. - MAKE THE GAME FUN.
  7. FlyingSatin

    Need Help Choosing My Path!

    Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between if you want to learn programming and make games or want to learn programming to make games. The difference being that in the first situation you are equally passionate about both game dev'ing and programming (separately passionate) and want to pursue them both. In the second situation, you are interested in programming, but this as a means to your goal to make games. I have totally separate advice for whichever one you are. Neither way of thinking is better.   If you want to learn programming and make games, then I would recommend installing GNU/Linux and using C to start making programs using legendary tools like GCC, make, GNU nano, bash, Emacs, GDB, GNU/Linux itself, etc. This is a whole different topic, but there is still something I must address. I will definitely get a lot of flak here for recommending what I just did, but honestly if you learn this stuff, everything else is just easier and not superstitious. You can then learn C++ if you want to fit in with everyone else, once your projects become too big for C (you can judge this based on what is comfortable size for you). You don't have to use C++ for large projects, it's all preference. C code is valid C++ code, but not vice versa (its like C is the inside layer of a C++ onion). Some might recommend you stick with something like Python, Lua, or Java on Windows ($indows), but if you are passionate about programming separate from games, you might as well learn the mainstays and norms of the modern PC.   If you want to learn programming, but programming is just a part of your path to making games, ignore the above paragraph. That would be torture if you really didn't want to learn the stuff. Just go grab something like Unity 3D and use JavaScript, Python, C#, etc. as a scripting language. This is a perfectly legitimate way of making games. I don't care what people say, this is the best option for pretty much all indie devs. The only reason people like me prefer writing our own code is because it is just fun, once you get the train rolling. When using a ready-to-use solution, you also get to sit back in your chair with a pretty HD 3D game after a day or two of work with pride and achievement, whereas going for a homegrown approach you can sit back with pride over your 3D (extremely buggy) game that frequently crashes and has caused you to lose half of your hair (this all after 2 months).   Overall, you have some very productive times available to you. Kids have lots of energy at your age, and they also have lots of time. Respond if you want me to elaborate on anything I said.
  8. FlyingSatin

    Have you made a game engine

    Ask me at the end of January about it (you can PM), if you are still interested. I am developing an open source game engine, and it is not very fancy, but it is 3D and a lot of parts are made from scratch. I might use RakNet, though, that is a possiblity. I haven't made any multiplayer features in it yet. Because it is open source (GPL, to be specific), no one will really use it, but you will be free to if you so choose. I am using OpenGL and SDL for pretty much everything else. It is being written in pure ANSI C, functional-style (not OOP-style). I said that to describe it to the reader. I want to start no debates, I beg of you. I might post pictures and such on a different thread, if I am not too embarassed.
  9. Ext3 Journaling System is my personal favorite. I guess I am biased, as I helped write it. write about it.
  10. FlyingSatin

    Can programming screw my computer

    Not in ways you would expect. However, in order to program you will find that you will require the herbal drug known as caffeine. This drug usually manifests itself on a programmer's desk in the form of coffee. Many a sorrowed soul hath spilled the blood of this drug, this divine gift from the firmament, onto their instruments of logical implementation (i.e. you can easily spill shit like food and coffee on your keyboard, and that is wayyy more likely to fuck it up than Python).
  11. FlyingSatin

    Religious experiences

    People from Kansas don't know what "adhere" even means :)
  12. FlyingSatin

    Will you upgrade to windows 8.1?

    I'll just upgrade to Linux Mint 16..
  13. FlyingSatin

    Religious experiences

    I think the people here are far more likely to engage in a flamewar about OpenGL vs. DirectX rather than any type of religion flamewar.
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