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  1. Nick Dugger

    Should I make a sacrifice?

    Yeah, I had seen that lastnight. I'm not sure about it since I cannot find any reviews on it, and the demo's they have feel awfully buggy. Have you used it before?
  2. Nick Dugger

    Should I make a sacrifice?

    Yeah, if I wanted to do a 2D game, I'd probably go with Construct2, but I mainly want to work in 3D. Thanks, though!
  3. Nick Dugger

    Should I make a sacrifice?

    Thanks guys. I guess my concern is that if my game turns out great (or at least great in my own mind), that in 3-5 years, I will either want to remake it in HTML5, or make a sequel, etc. I just don't want to waste my "great" idea, when I could potentially wait 3-5 years? I guess I'll go ahead with unity and go from there.   Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Nick Dugger

    Should I make a sacrifice?

    I realized after I typed that, that it sounds as if I want to make some sort of blood-sacrifice--I promise, no blood here, lol.   Anyways, I am a Graphic Designer by trade. I do web design, print design, pixel art, and have dabbled in 3D a few times (and was naturally good at it). I am not a programmer, and this is the source of my troubles.   I do not want to work on other people's projects, as I am an Idea guy. I can come up with all sorts of great, solid game ideas; and I want to make them (one at a time, of course).   Here is my issue:   I was 100% convinced that I needed to make an HTML5 game, because I truly see it as the future of gaming, on the desktop anyways. However, there are no HTML5 engines (that I could find) that have similar tools to Unity. I am completely useless when it comes to the programming side, so taking just an engine with no tools is impossible for me. The extend of my "coding" knowledge comes down to HTML, extreme proficiency in CSS, and enough jQuery to pass off that I know what I'm talking about... sort of, lol.   So, I have looked into UDK and Unity, and have decided that Unity has the best feature set to get an artist a working prototype. However, I feel like I am making a pretty hefty sacrifice by switching from HTML5. It's been a dream of mine for a while to make an HTML5 game, but without a team to back me, perhaps it's nothing more than a dream?    I was wondering if any of you guys have made similar sacrifices, and if it sat well with you in the end. I don't want to make a game in Unity, only to discover that I feel terrible for having not be all that I wanted it to be. Of course you can't tell me my future, but I'd love to hear any similar experiences.
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