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  1. RT @AfricanProverbs: The laughter of a child is the light of a house. ~African Proverb
  2. its so hard to focus on exams when gamedev is so much more fuunnnnn
  3. I wish I could code even in a sleep deprived state
  4. RT @GeekyEnthusiast: I'm at that point in the night where it is so late that staying up is probably the better option #oops
  5. RT @dphrygian: My next game is going to be titled "Game of the Year" just to mess with people.
  6. Ughhh I hate discussing on twitter! #justsaying
  7. Stil dev'ing here, just not very productive - my coding battery is low and needs to be refilled! Best time to play games :D #gamedev
  8. RT @Zenroth42: Well notebook logic has been confirmed :) Super early fire arc support and visualization. http://t.co/5MUrMEIyM9
  9. Free Music for GameDevs

  10. The great thing about #consolegames is, that no matter how old they get, you can still play the very same #games on it, unlike some #pcgames
  11. I feel like I need to plan this editor out better. Already got something in mind, and it's going to be awesome.
  12. #7DaysToDie is one of the most interesting games I've ever seen so far.