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  1. Slipping / drifting cars

    Thanks man! Looks promising
  2. Slipping / drifting cars

    Soo, I have for some time, tried to come up with a solution for how to simulate drifting/slipping cars.   My simulation so far, consists of the basic vector based setup with forces for traction, friction, drag etc. Working pretty good. But taking it to the next step, I want to simulate what happends when the car looses grip.     Two situations:   I. Going in a straight line. Accelerating more than what the tyre friction can handle. - I think I've to go with angular velocity on the wheel, some friction constant of the tyres, another friction constant for the road surface. Also I think I need to check the "longitude" velocity of the car. So something [forward traction - longitude velocity > fritcion = wheel slip]     II. Car turning in high speed, looses grip. Somehow I need to calculate lateral forces when turning, but basically I'm pretty stuck without any pointers. I don't know how much to consider here to make it work.      I'm aiming more towards fun than exact simulation but if anyone have done anything like this before, how did you approach the problem?  Pointers or pseudo code would be so appreciated.       It's such a fun project, so even if I'm a little bit over my head I'm loving every minute of it :-)