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  1. I think it's easier to write a Villain and be compelling because the hero is so overplayed.
  2. I like your idea a lot... Think Smuggler in Space. I'd check out Sid Mier's Pirates on mobile for some ideas on the sort of base smuggling A.I. involved. Imagine rare items with random spawning stats and trading capability.    If you want to talk more about it, my contact details are below
  3. I thinking dumbing down is pejorative and used incorrectly in the industry. Not everyone has the same capability for hand eye coordination and reflexes and that doesn't make them any worse. The fact that there are different markets to serve should be applauded. Our jobs as game makers is to entertain people - you choose who you entertain.
  4. Sim Ant is enjoyable because it gives the player feelings of control - similar to many other God games.
  5. There's nothing politically touchy about things that are terrible and downright wrong. If you're going to make a game like this, make sure it's in very good taste and your reasoning for it is sound. It's a very fine line to walk - It's interesting to me as a platform for change, but I think the audience will get the wrong idea.
  6. I'd suggest reading Level Up and planning a game design document first. A simple idea won't be enough to show the full workings of your game idea to potential people. Time to put in some work! Best of luck to you.
  7. Seems interesting - I'd first check to see if you can use the United Nations name/flag without violating any copyright issues. NGOs still own their own brands.
  8. Hi AFL,   We're always looking for collaborative projects for well thought out and designed projects to produce in our studio. My contact details are below.
  9. Being a producer inherently means having an understanding of Game Design.   I'd get experience first in game design and read EVERYTHING you can. Here are some quick book suggestions: Level Up by Scott Rogers Theory of Fun by Ralph Koster The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design by Flint Dille   Read Gamasutra & Venturebeat.com/games to get the general direction of the industry and for job postings along with gamedev, indiegamemag, reddit.com/r/gamedev If you'd like to talk Game Design, message me on skype :) JungleFriendMax   Max