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  1. Hi everyone! Our team Happymagenta is working on a new project at the moment and we need your help with testing the game. Cube Koala is an intense puzzler where you play as a koala placed in a kafkaesque tesseract containing deadly traps.  [video]http:[/video]     Guide our little hero through increasingly difficult levels, manipulate gravity and employ every skill you have learned to bounce through the level’s exit…just to appear in a new one.   To become a beta tester please leave your email in PM or in the comments below. When the beta is ready we will contact you and let you know what to do next.
  2. Hey guys! Yesterday our indie team Happymagenta released a free iOS scroll-shooter  John Mad Run. This game is a prequel for our great project, which we are working on for quite a time already - Joan Mad Run. On April 4th Joan was Greenlit, so soon you'll be able to play it on many different platforms. But in order to let everyone feel a bit of the atmosphere and prepare for the great battle, we created a free version with an alternate character John. The game has a brutal male character, 2 new locations and 5 manly weapons. Oh, and no IAP!   We are planning to make John an alternate character for the PC/Mac/Linux versions of Joan Mad Run. So he's not just a passer-by.  Compared with project Joan, John Mad Run presents bloody minimalism. But still it's a tough and challenging game, that will require insane dexterity, if you'd like to survive. And here are some screenshots and gifs for the main project Joan Mad Run: John Mad Run is available on the App Store since yesterday - absolutely FREE! I really hope that you'll give it a try and let me know what you think!  
  3.   Hey everyone!     I'd like to share with you the project, that our team is working on at the moment - Joan Mad Run.   We started working on Joan half a year ago and first wanted to make it for iOS only. And the mission is almost complete - 90% ready. However, when we started to share the game, lots of people got really excited about the project. And we also got many requests to deliver the game to other platforms too. So we decided to make an Android version as well as PC, Mac and Linux. That's why we are testing our luck on Steam Greenlight and your support is extremely important for us! Please, read the story, watch the gameplay trailer and if you like what you see, please support us!   Each vote is precious!     About the game   Joan Mad Run is a pixel-art gory fight-to-the-death run’n’gun, that takes your enemies straight to hell. Literally.  Imagine that you wake up in a ward cell...you don't know why you are here, you can't tell who you are...but the only thing you are certain of is that you have to get out to find out the truth. Even if that means destroying everything on your way.  When there is noone you can trust, you can trust your guns. Luckily, you will have plenty. So you get an amazing chance to satisfy your bloodlust by burning your enemies alive, melting them with acid, chopping them and watching their blood spurt like geyser, striking them with lightning, exploding them, squeezing them like bugs or sending them directly to the blazing inferno.                Beware of deadly traps, callous scumbags and grisly bosses, craving for your blood:       Use mighty power-ups to make your fight to the death less exhausting. Watch the Bloodlust and Ultra Boost:       Your opinion is crucial for us, so if you have any ideas of who Joan is or just any thoughts, wishes or questions about the game, feel free to let them out! They are heartly welcome!   Follow us on Facebook to get all the latest news on Joan
  4.   Thanks    There's a description above the pics.   The gun is called Satanic. It creates black holes, which pull blood and souls out of enemies and take them straight into the blazing inferno 
  5. Hey everyone!   Have a look at some more weapons for Joan!     Acid gun. Strikes with acid that melts enemies:       When upgraded - spawns headcrabs which spit acid all over the level:     And here come my favorites!   Resizer. Inflates and explodes enemies:         Reducer. Makes enemies small, which lets Joan step on and squeeze them:         And here is the animated picture of Joan when she gets Bloodlust power-up:     And a pic with some other power-ups:     Wanna know more? Visit http://happymagenta.livejournal.com/     What do you, guys, think?
  6. Thanks! :) Our designer Artem does all the art for the game
  7. Hey there!   Today I'd love to share with you a new portion of weapons for Joan. Hope you'll like them!     Imp Gun. Creates black holes which pull blood and souls out of your enemies and take them straight into hell:         Satanic gun. An upgraded version of Imp Gun:         Lightning cannon. Strikes enemies with a lightning:         When upgraded creates a ball lightning:     Microwave gun. Ignites and incinerates enemies:         Mono-molecular wire. Cuts enemies into many small pieces:       When upgraded creates a net that makes a hill of minced meat out of your enemies:       Circular saw. Simple and brutal. When upgraded - strikes with flying discs:         Plasma sword. Deflects bullets and cuts enemies into pieces. After upgrade you can throw it into your enemies, cut them in 2 and watch the saber come back into your hand like a boomerang. Collect crystals, upgrade the sword's color and stats:             Read more about Joan at: http://happymagenta.livejournal.com/   What do you, guys, think? Which weapon would you like to try most?    
  8. Hey, guys!    Here's some more info about Joan!   Right now we are working on weapons. So we'd like to share some part of what we already have and hear your opinion.   We always try to take into account every little detail. And that is why we focused our attention on the weapons' effects. As you may see at the screenshots, every Joan's weapon kills the enemy in a different way, unlike in other games of the kind:   Katana. Cuts into several pieces.         Shotgun. Kills several enemies and explodes them on close shot:         AK-47 upgraded with grenade launch speaks for itself:         Laser. Kills everyone in your way with its ray.       Evil laser flare. Passes through all levels, slicing your enemies:         Freezegun. Freezes enemies and makes them fall apart like glass:         Freezegun Pump. Freezes everything: enemies, traps and the whole environment:       Find more weapons at: http://happymagenta.livejournal.com/     Your opinion is extremely important for us! So please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.  
  9. Dear friends, We made a full avatar map, that shows all Joan's health levels and power-ups. Hope you'll enjoy it:     And here's the first Joan poster:     and our first beta gameplay video:   [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JKIJm4-Ul7Y[/video]   What do you think? Please let us know! P.S.: our 2nd beta is coming soon, so please stay with us! 
  10. Hello, everyone!   We, Happymagenta team, are really excited to share with you the new game we are working on right now - Joan Mad Run! Imagine that you wake up in a jail cell... you don't know how you got here, you can't tell who you are...no memories, no stuff...no nothing. The only thing you know for sure is that to find out the truth you have to get out...even if the only way to do that is to destroy everything on your way. Your life is at stake. So will you just give up or take the challenge and fight until your very last breath?  Meet Joan and see how far lust for truth can lead you.   Click the pic to see real pixels:   The game is still in its early stage of development and everyday we create something new to make it even more enjoyable for you.  We thought of many ways of showing Joan's current health condition and decided to use an avatar that shows how Joan feels and whether she uses some power up or ability. It also displays ammo levels and cool down times for both the primary and the secondary weapon shots.  Have a look at the animated picture below and trace Joan's condition from absolutely healthy to then getting Bloodlust power up, receiving damages and finally dying.     Prepare for seas of blood since your escape would be far from easy. And for now we just hope that you will enjoy the screenshots of some of the locations and of course bosses.   Here is the first one - Jonny Bot zombie-mummy:   Click the pics to see real pixels:     And here is the brain tank. Scary, isn't it?       We also prepared some power-ups, utilities and missions, so have a look.   Ultra boost lets you quickly pass through the level:     And here are some awesome utilities: Resurrection and Last Word. If you choose the former you'll get an extra life. Choosing the latter will turn you into the death ghost, letting you fly a bit more through the level and suck blood and sould out of your enemies:     Here comes the mission accomplished notice (you killed 10 enemies in 1 run)+ double kill combo (which gives you extra coins). And you can also see how the incredibly evil laser flare works:     This was only a small amount of what we want to share. New locations, new bosses, new guns and new challenge are waiting for you! So stay with us and we will surprise you. Your opinion is crucial for us, so if you have any thoughts, ideas or wishes about the game (even the craziest ones), feel free to let them out! They are heartly welcome! Please share your ideas about who Joan is or just anything you have to say in the comments below.   Find more info about Joan on our blog: http://happymagenta.livejournal.com/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Happymagenta  
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