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  1. I've created modifications to Xbox 360 games before. But, one thing I found interesting was the games at their very heart were just source code with resources. Why? Is common for mobile or console developers? Would there be a reason behind JIT compiling a game on a specific platform? Seems useless to me. But there still has got to be a reason. Thanks in advanced!
  2. I'm linking mingw, opengl, glfw, glu32, glew32s, and freetype. So far this is what I have (glfw3 is the name of the lib, it's not suppost to be glfw32):   -lmingw32 -lopengl32 -lglfw3 -lglu32 -lglew32s -lfreetype   I get all these errors that certain functions are not linked correctly. What is the correct order for linking?