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  1. Okay thank you.. i will try again Thanks.. but how do i need with special like loading dll files  like Half-Life from client.dll and <hl.dll??? Thanks 
  2. Hello Karsten,    But i am not using with Quake Engine. I am using custom game engine ( written by Visual Studio C++ 2008 ) because i would like to develop another engine. Thanks!   // EDIT: Quake.lib from Microsoft, heh?   What does it happen for the company Id Software? Is the company died? Now Quake Engine move to the company Microsoft? WOW! I don't believe that. But i am not using C#. I would like to code only C++, header :)
  3. Hello folks,    i am new here and say thanks for welcome talk. I am searching good game engine 100 % like Unreal Engine or Cryssis Engine... I am using only Visual Studio 2008 and i am developing a custom game engine   For Map Editor or World Editor ( like Radiant GTK, Valve Hammer Editor or Unreal Editor ) I recommend with movements from Valve Hammer Editor ( Gold- and Source-Engine ) for custom map editor. Questions: Load and save config file before map editor application loads current config file?   How do i hollow with same new brush when i create new brush from map editor than 6 new brushes will show?   How do i add same distance / incress max_edit or max_leafs from Half-Life's Limit? If i create my one awesome engine with large distance example -/+ 49152. -/+ means z, x and y with - and + looks like my picture:     Is it possible for large limit of game engine like you want build same bigger enlarge map. If we are using high-level computer or laptop than it is allowed or forbidden? For custom compiler with map convention: like 4 or 5 compilers for bsp, csg, light/rad and vis... How does compiler read from map file and convert / compile into bsp file or game-able file like Unreal-Engine, 3D Gamestudio3D or Half-Life Engine... What does it happen that my map is not completed like hole / leak in my map.but Unreal Engine won't show error message like leak or hole. In Engine like Half-Life Engine and Source-Engine shows same map "leak" or "hole" than application was actived with full-light map before error was solved in the map. Example for Half-Life Engine, Source-Engine: Unreal Engine doesn't show error message about leaks or holes... That is great for warnning with hole/leak. How does compiler pack same textures and models into bsp file or game-able file? If i don't need same files for error-path like map couldn't found /textures/ with 2 or 3 jpg-files...  If iyou download leaked map than same folks get mad. I wouldn't like to hurt same folks..I would like to "compress" with important files into bsp file or game-able file like Half-Life Maps with special compiler hlcsg -nowadtexture ( same wads are compresssing with current textures into bsp file. ) I would like to know how do i create argement like csg -noTextureDir -noModelDir -noAuroraDir etc.. for one game engine... For Models Compiler? If i play in-game with model-usable birdge than i wouldn't like to fall before model hasn't collision or physic box ( Unreal Engine, Source Engine and Cryssis Engine ) / hit box ( HL-Engine ). How do i know before i must to add in library ( dll file ) like function  by Quake Engine if i put same model in our map than i will enable model with spwamflags 2 = block solid or bsp-solid. ( Don't walk or fall thought with models ). But don't compress with same image . only targetname like Source-Engine. Because it is very better than compressed model with image...   For another compilers or tools= If we need same utilities for one game engine like tga2dxt = DirectX Texture, *dxm file DirectX Material like Vmt for Source-Engine.    For Main Application like Launcher or Starter like Half-Life ( hl.exe ), Source-Engine ( hl2.exe ), Quake Engine ( quake.exe ) or Unreal Engine ( uds.exe ( Unreal Development Starter, i think )) Can application load and read library with directX classes? If i play into in-game and in-game progresses from library like movement, functions, effects, shadows and more? Is it fine? How does application load default mod like Half-Life has default mod valve? example "my initial game" Can it works for Network like Online Game? Example Counter-Strike or League of Legend.? For Libraries of Game Application: I would like to code one game engine with completed functions about shadows, reflections, bump-mappings, speculers and more.... Like Spirit of Half-Life has env_fog,env_model, env_sky and Trinity Renderer has shadow effects. HL-Bump ( very old mod since August 2004 ) has bump-mapping with light effects.... What do i need with DirectX11/10 for one game engine? If you want develop together about game engine   Thanks for answers and suggestions   I hope because you understand me yet? PS: I am sorry for bad english.... :/     Best regards SourceSkyBoxer