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  1. [sharedmedia=core:attachments:17644]   As you can probably tell from the title of the topic we are looking for people to fill the following jobs:Lead Model Designer (Must be good at making high quality models)Model Designer (Must be good at making high quality models)Model Designers must make high quality gun models and building models. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Website Designer (Will be responsible for making and updating the companies website with updates on game projects)The Website Designer must design the companies website and update it daily with updates on game projects. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Lead Script Writer (Must know multiple script languages)Script Writer (Must know multiple script languages)The Script Writers must write scripts to make the game run smoothly and perform its best. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________Logo Designer (Must be able to make high quality logos and images for advertisement purposes)The logo designer must be very good at making high quality images and game logos for advertising.   Now For The Game The project we are working on now is a new zombie survival game named 'Silhouette', the aim of the game is to survive in the wilderness, scavenge different materials, food and water. You can craft weapons on tool benches and can find different guns around the map but they are rare only spawning in certain places.   The logo ive designed for 'Silhouette' is attached feel free to edit it as much as you want    Contact Me If you are interested in any of the jobs contact me by email at: <contact removed by mod> and set your subject as 'Psycho Staff' or reply to this post.   Thanks Connor O'Neil
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