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  1. Chris@Uralys

    Behind The Wind

    This 2D mobile platformer/puzzle game will take you through a mysterious world.... Find out where the rings are hidden and how to get them ! Click here to view the project
  2. Chris@Uralys

    [Blog] Building a 2D mobile game

    Now I have almost everything wrapped up, time to go Level Design !     [media]http:[/media]
  3. Chris@Uralys

    [Blog] Building a 2D mobile game

    Hey, just a quick update :  I've added some posts about collisions, touch events, physics and CBEffects.   Here is the new graphic design        Keep you posted !
  4. Chris@Uralys

    [Blog] Building a 2D mobile game

    Hi ! Continuing with the first moves in the scene   [media]http:[/media]
  5. Chris@Uralys

    [Blog] Building a 2D mobile game

    I added a new post today : The first Scene (Previous one Level Editor)   TTYS
  6. Hi ! I'm Chris, an indie game developer. I'm building a 2D platform game for mobiles, and just want to share my work with you guys.   Rather than to have many posts here hidden between the discussion ones, I chose to write my steps on tumblr, and we can discuss here.   So far I've writen the intro and my first day of coding :) let me know your thoughts, or just follow me !   http://behind-the-wind.tumblr.com/    
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