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  1. Treasure Towers Towers of Treasure Jewel Kingdom   .. more to come
  2. I've never actually coded a finished game before, but I have recoded the game that I am working on 3 times.  It is the first game I've ever programmed, using LUA.  Every time I recode the game it ends up being half the lines of code.  I have learned so much that looking at what I did in the past makes me ashamed.     Even though I am a beginner I feel I have come up with some creative solutions to implement game systems.  For example, I created a system to use touch gestures for RPG inputs (aka battle commands).   The whole experience has been so rewarding, and I will continue programming even though I have a full time job as a Structural Engineer. 
  3. Are you meaning to make this game more action oriented or tactical?  Giving it a time limit will be difficult for people that like to take their time and plan their course.  
  4. Mysteria

    Non-random evasion in turn-based games?

      I think this is the right idea.  Couple the "evasion" score with a "hit" score and the battle would consist of constantly manipulating the two scores so that you're evasion is higher than the opponents hit score and vise versa.
  5. I believe that absolute balance may only be achieved by having only 1 build as Norman Barrows described (chess).     However, I personally prefer the option of creating builds even though not all builds are created equal.  For me, the fun of creating a build is comparing it to other builds in terms of effectiveness.  
  6. I think an action point system works well.  Especially if you allow enough action points to accomplish more than one phase.     For example I will use an artillery unit.     Artillery: 10 ap   Move: 5 ap Set up: 5 ap Attack:5 ap Pack up: 5 ap   That way you have more combinations than just being able to perform one action per turn.   
  7. Mysteria

    What should this gun shoot?

    Perhaps they shoot asteriods.  They fire very rapidly and you have to dodge them in order to approach the ship.
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