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  1. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

    New post about sweet custom Unity editor tools:  http://newbornbard.tumblr.com/
  2. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

    Hey guys. We have a new video up with some new music as well. check it out and let us know what you think!
  3. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

      [size=20pt]The Art of Newborn Bard   Hello again all!    After much experimentation with different visual styles we settled on remixing the work of the Hudson River School painters. The narrative of Newborn Bard centers around themes from American Transcendentalism, a literary and philosophical movement started in the mid 19th century by Ralph Waldo Emerson and a group of like-minded writers, and poets. We saw a unique oportunity to add some historical context to our narrative themes by using actual paintings from the same time period. Both Transcendentalism and the Hudson River School emphasized the power and beauty of nature, and in fact many of the Hudson River School painters were directly influenced by Emerson's writings on nature.       The screen shot above shows a semi-secret cliffside area from Newborn Bard. The hills in the background come from a painting by Thomas Cole titled The Oxbow. (pictured below)     Here are some other paintings we are using. See if you can spot the borrowed trees in the screen shot at the bottom.   Kindred Spirits, Asher Durand     Summer Afternoon, Asher Durand         Copyright issues (for those interested):   After a little research we determined that all of these Hudson River School paintings (dating from the mid to late 19 century) are old enough to be in the public domain, and as long as we use public domain photos of these public domain paintings we are in the clear regarding copyright.        -Aaron
  4. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

    Hey guys couple of new posts up on our devblog: http://newbornbard.tumblr.com/ Check it out!  One post about reactive music in games and another about AI. Heres the AI graphic:
  5. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

    Two new blog posts are up.  One is about our animation system, and the other looks at level design.   check it out: http://newbornbard.tumblr.com/
  6. NewbornBard

    Newborn Bard - a perspective based puzzle game

      So here is a video of the first puzzle to give you a better idea of what the gameplay will be like. There's a longer post over on our devblog. Let us know what you think!
  7. Newborn Bard is a puzzle game about perspective. You play as a Victorian era academic who finds himself on an unexpected adventure. Through exploring his new environment and solving the perspective based puzzles he encounters, he begins to see his world from a new point of view. The story and setting are inspired by American Transcendentalism.   Check out a quick video of the title sequence:       Also heres a gif demonstrating the main game mechanic:     For more info and updates head over to our devblog: http://newbornbard.tumblr.com/
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