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  1. Ironmaggot

    Better names for these concepts (SF)

    I would also suggest using the word "Unit".   Also some more suggestions for names:   Spacebourne Ground Strike Unit - "Spacebourne" signifies that it is by default garrisoned on a spaceship and whereever their spaceship goes, they will go also. "Ground Strike" signifies that this unit is specialized on offensive actions on the ground of a planet.   Spacebourne Ground Defense Unit - Like the above, but is specialized on defense. They are basically these units that one can easily moved within the empire. These Spacebourne Defense Units are basiacally the first units to respond - they are those who come very fast to stall the enemy long enough for the cavalry to arrive. Strike unit would be that cavalry.   Spacebourne Space Strike Unit - Space Strike Units are specialized in neutralizing spaceships. They can assault a ship and board and/or destroy it from within. They also man the fighter jets.   Spacebourne Space Defence Unit - Units who are specialized in protecting spaceships. They are those who will fight off any boarders and attackers.   Groundbourne Ground Strike Unit - Only thing that is different from Spacebourne Ground Strike Unit is that those units are permanently stationed on the ground. They have weaker training, but they have faster recruitment speed, since they can always draft more amongst the locals.   Groundbourne Ground Defence Unit - self apparent from the naming convention.   Groundbourne Space Strike Unit - Stationed on planet, but are good at attacking fleets on the orbit. They usually support the Spacebourne Space Strike Units.   Groundbourne Space Defence Unit - Stationed on planet. They defend obviously. They shoot missiles at enemies. They man the anti-air turrets on the ground. They deply tactical energy shields where neccesary. They are basically anti-air, plus anti-space.
  2. Ironmaggot

    Better names for these concepts (SF)

    Considering the Theme   Planetary Defences - Asset Guard   Militia - Draft or alternatively Draft Assembly   Imperial Infantry - Retinue   Storm/Shock Troopers - SRDT or in long form Strategical Rapidly Deployable Troops
  3. IMO data caps hurt online game sales(like Steam games). I have a 4G wireless internet and with that I cannot really buy and download any of the big titles, since they tend to be gigantic in size. Downloading just one of them will mean that I have used up over half my monthly limit. Also, I must be very careful about using Youtube. I have to check if the video is at 360p or not, since going over that would cost valuable data limit. That only lessens my problems. Sometimes I would like to have some sort of 2h play while I do smth else, but that would take a sizable chunk out of my data limit. Playing online itself is not that worrying, since I would probably spend more data limit out of game than while playing. And my data cap has pretty much made me not play those games that make it mandatory to save saves on the cloud.   Like someone else said here, having a data cap on a high speed internet is like having a Ferrari that has just enough fuel to drive 100 meters. I would settle with slower speeds in exchange for bigger data cap, since only time I use the entirety of 4G is when I download stuff, but this internet is not meant for downloading stuff, so yea. 
  4. Well, I like turns and do not like so much realtime I understand what you say and see your point and see some logic behind it and even agree to some degree, but... It's personal I want it turn based Whatever floats you boat, mate. Cheers. Also, another idea, you could put a nice little feature in your turn system. Automatic turns. Basically a button or a checkbox that keeps activating a new turn as long as it is activated. I envision it as a quick forward mechanic for when you are waiting for stuff(like prduction queues or smth) with nothing to do. Also the automatic turns should deactivate if something important happens(perhaps players could personalize the messages to set which one's are important enough to end the automatic turns).
  5. Ironmaggot

    "Story" for this mechanic (SF, strategy)

    Backstory, there once was an empire that spanned all of the stars and the alien races were a part of that empire. But due to internal struggles, external forces, whatever, the empire fell apart. The original ruling faction got their behinds so whooped that they escaped, leaving their subjects behind. Now, the subjects all want to restore the old empire so that they rule it. Everyone wants to be the Holy Roman Emperor.   The player's race was the 1st in command subject race and thus, they were first to take over the master's old capital - the heart of the empire, the single requirement for holding the title of empire. No one is going to form their own empires, since there is no chance that any empire ever could compete with the glory of "Rome". :D So, everyone will have one permanent target - whoever holds the grand planet of Rome.   (You should probably swap out the "Rome" with another name.)
  6. Ironmaggot

    Multiple battles in same place

    You know, when we are not talking about Star Trek styled pleb science, the wars in space take a whole another shade. Space war is more like a gigantic stealth submarine skirmish campaign, only that there are hundreds of submarines on both sides. This would happen in reality and reality is kinda boring, but pleb science may insult anyone who knows even a little about science, but it is very awesome to watch. So there must be a compromise between entertaining pleb science and sweet realism.   For that you should develop a an event based engagement mechanic. Basically the entire battle is reduced to ticks. Ticks are instant events within the battle engagement where the honey is located. One event could be where your forces engage enemy head on in very close range. Another event could be a firefight of scouting spy ships. Another event could be an ambush. As far as events are concerned, the edge of the universe is your limit. Event is basically a single battle within a greater battle. After each single battle, forces retreat to plan their next move. The time between the ticks creates the impression that the the sides plan and do their positioning for the next battle during that.   You could also tie in more than two sides. Just take your two sided events and let them happen to any two sides of engagement. Enemy 1 vs Enemy 2. Enemy 1 vs Enemy 3. Enemy 3 vs Enemy 18. Etc. You can also write events that happen when when three sides are present.   This opens up the ability to issue war doctrines. Doctrines would make certain battle events more likely. If your empire is all about boarding, you could issue a boarding doctrine. Your troops would suffer less damage from boarding and the boarding event would happen more likely. Yet again, if player's enemy issued anti-boarding doctrine, player's specialization would be useless and player would have to change one's doctrine...or the player could just churn more cannon meat at the enemy.   This would also enable sides to retreat from battles. Of course this would make an opening for the escape events.
  7. I like the general concept of your economy. My pet space strategy game project also has similar design policy - macromanagement with AI were it makes sense.   My project has stars as the smallest controllable units of real estate. Each star is its own agent. Stars interact with each other. Stars sell and buy. Improve stuff on their own and provide services for those who are willing pay them. My part is only to tax them. To assign edicts, tolls, etc. When I commission a new military divison at star Eos. To do that, I just put down a price offer: "Paying a crapton of money for military equipment and services in this sector's divison." And the swarm of AI's just does what it does best - being selfish. And voila my economy is running better than I could have made it run. Gotta love the swarm intelligence, man.   So, yea. I reccommend you to take a mixed approach to your economy. Part agent based and part abstract data driven simulation. So, basically, agent level is for planet to planet interaction. And everything that is not about two planets interacting should just be represented as a mathematical function or a whole bunch of mathematical functions.
  8.   You could have fast paced game with real time implementation. And the player can choose how fast or slow the player wants the time to run.   In essence it would be like a regular turn based game, only that the turns play out in parallell for each player and the turns tick on their own. Player just changes how fast the turns tick or they can completely pause the game if desired. Without knowing the usual actions within your game, one second could be the slowest interval between turns. Paradox Studio titles have that system working quite well.   If the player is inbetween a period where nothing happens, the player can just fast forward. If stuff gets intense, the player can then reduce the speed to a comfortable speed.   Do you catch my drift here?
  9. Ironmaggot

    Fleets (as formations)

    Since you are going with "minimal micro" I assume that you mean with that the player is the overhead boss, thy Emperah. But usually, for the emperors, administrating fleets'n'stuff is pleb-tier work. Emperor has got all sorts of specialized personnel for it, who probably know about that more than an emperor can ever know. Thus, emperor should be the planner in the grander scale. Let the engine assume that the lower level specialists are already doing the very bestest job they are humanly capable of doing. Reduce the micro stuff to variables. Fleet strength could be affected by techs( like "disciplines of war", "better gadgets"), empire administration allocation (surest way of getting the machinery of bureaucracy working is to just throw mountains of money at it), skill of the local sub-commander, knowledge of the enemy. Thus IMO best way would be to just give the player the feature to assign HQ's and let the rest be done by the simulation under the hood.   This brings us to the next point. Merely having the capacity to manage the sliders in the empires budget and plop done some occational abstract points is not gonna be really engaging (with the expeption of those niche players who are into that sort of thing). So, there should be some sort of play pieces to fiddle around with. For that there should be the ability to build gigantic ships - like death star. But then there is the issue that as the economy gets stronger, one could start producing ships like that in factories. Somehow these ships need to be made so that no faction regardless of strength can have more than a few of them. One solution would be to make their strength dynamic not static. Basically you, as an emperor, would have to allocate a custom amount of resources and population to man that thing and the strength would be the bigger the more resources and population is assigned to it, where the technologies act just as multipliers. Now the behemots can be relevant, no matter the industrial development of the empire, but the empire could still produce a lot of them, by assigning few resources to each. To solve that the behemots need to have some sort of base cost of upkeep that increases exponentially with each new behemot. Basically y * (2^x) where "x" is the amount of death stars and "y" is the base cost.   The difference of a behemot and an HQ is that HQ is unmovable, while behemot is movable. One can still deploy both I suppose. Also, both of them would have some sort of circle around them. The circle would represent their area of influence. Basically that area simulates the extent of the reach of the fleets that belong to those HQ's of behemots.   I hope I made sense. This is just my ramble of how I would do it. Take from it, what you will.
  10. You might wanna check this game out:   Perhaps you can draw some kind of inspiration from it.
  11. Ironmaggot

    [4X / TBS] Diplomacy...

    There is the possibility of making the military stances into internal military policies. You could set a military stance for each player and then the ships would act according to their stances. This should, of course be invisible to others. It could be specific to each fleet, but if you want to reduce micro, you could make it into a global policy, affecting all ships at the same time.
  12. Ironmaggot

    [4X / TBS] Diplomacy...

    If it is gonna be just players vs players, why have any defined diplomatic states at all. Let players make mouth to mouth arrangements through private chat. Also give them a global chat to make announcements.   If two players make an alliance and one side is afraid that the other won't keep to promises, the worried one can ask the other to announce their alliance on global chat. But if it was unannounced alliance that was broken, it is harder to blame the breaker, since that player can say that the accuser is telling lies since there was no proof of it and anything one can copy from chat, can just be faked. And in unannounced alliance it is not to benefictial to announce that secret alliance was broken, since it makes that player look like a sniveling fox, dealing in secrecy. But then again, secret alliance is better, since others have no way of knowing about that secret alliance and this can lead to a just defensive war where you lure a larger opponent to attack you and then you and your secret ally will band up to turn tide of war into a total conquest of the attacker with the casus belli "well, he attacked ME!!". But at the same time your secret ally masses his forces near your rear just out of your radar range and attacks your industrial systems and laments in private chat: "Hahaa, this secret alliance was just a ploy to draw your forces away from your core systems, that are now ripe for taking." But then you ansver: "The joke's on you, I have prepared for this, get ready to meet my fleets as you enter my space. Oh and also, say hi to my other secret ally, who is just entering your systems on the other side of your empire."  But then the backstabber ansvers: "Haha, but, no. That ally of yours was actually a secret ally of mine, to whom I told to make a secret alliance with you, and falsely promise that he will attack me, when I attack you."  Then you say "Are you sure about that? :trollface:"    Damn, I want to play some Neptune's Pride now.
  13. Ironmaggot

    [Feedback] A poll about your opinions on all things RPG!

    Filled the survey. Sorry about the ranting essays, though.
  14. I am making a relatively simple game. It has points in 3D and I need to display them somehow. Nothing other is 3D.   I am quite new to this. I have no idea where to start doing such a thing.   Drawing the points is no problem. But I have no idea how to get to the 2D points that I could work with.   I am wanting to do a view where I can orbit those points. Whenever I select a point, the camera should turn to that point so that it is in the center. And if I click and drag outside the selected point, the view should rotate around the point with the center of the rotation being that point.   What should I do?
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