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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I agree with you on the repetition. I might rework this piece a bit or use your feedback on next pieces. 
  2. I agree with Nate on this and in addition I ask them about the story of the game (which many games don't have until the end though). Or ask them if they have a background for specific characters if they need their own themes or an overall main theme. 
  3. To make the SFX stand out you could use Ducking to temporarily lower the music volume when there are SFX. As for harmonics between sfx and music, perhaps if all the music is in a way related through key and have the SFX play on the similarities between these. 
  4. Hi,    I just finished this large scale orchestral piece and would appreciate to hear what you think of it.  It could be used during the final battle or set piece of a game or movie.    https://soundcloud.com/robertblaauboer/ruin-and-preservation   Thanks     
  5. Wow, thanks for all the feedback.  I really appreciate the specifics. Listening to the first piece again I completely agree that stepping away from the tonic at 0:14 is a great addition. The busy feeling was also something I was afraid of but I might have to reconsider the placement of the staccato strings.    Thanks for the compliment btw:)    The purpose of the first piece is nothing in particular. I could be some kind of theme in a rpg or exploratory kind of game.    The second piece is meant for non-linear implementation and I have an example of me doing so here, https://vimeo.com/76748880     I'll be sure to work on creating memorable melodies. But I feel that it kind be difficult to create those melodies in pieces that have to be repeatable over longer periods of time without becoming tiring or interfering with gameplay.    thanks
  6. Hi,    I wanted to show you two new tracks I've been working on. Please feel free to give feedback or general opinions.  Discovery: https://soundcloud.com/robertblaauboer/discovery   and Median: https://soundcloud.com/robertblaauboer/median       Thanks for listening
  7. Thanks for the replies. I'll see what I can do using these techniques
  8. Hi,    I was wondering how I would go about creating an effect that resembles a spherical wave. I have been trying to find a description but still have no proper way to describe it. The closest thing I have found to it is, http://youtu.be/VdIEwGkFckQ?t=1m25s    from Assassin's creed. The effect I'm looking for would create a spherical wave from the player and show either the outline or vertices moving outward.  (For a sphere this would be starting at the point on the sphere closest to the player and gradually becoming a circle as large as the sphere before disappearing behind the sphere).    Thanks for any help on this subject:) 
  9. Well, I can't speak from experience but my guess is that most people in this part of the forum create the music themselves. Regarding your question, I guess that it differs quite a lot but a large part is contacts. Have a friend who knows somebody that needs audio? that works. Or being active on a forum like this or any other game development forum or advertising yourself there. Perhaps being active on soundcloud helps and just posting your stuff on facebook every now and then, just so people at least know that you're doing stuff with audio. A great thing would be to work on gamejams with people in order to showcase your ability to write music and fill up your portfolio.    And still then you might be finding your job by having a conversation with someone at a bus stop. You never know. 
  10. Very nice animation and the music fits perfectly. My only gripe is the the fact that you can hear the sound effects kick in due to there being noise suddenly. I think the quality of the entire movie would triple if the sound design were improved.  Still very nice though:) 
  11. Very nice piece. I like the subtlety and softness of some of the instruments. But I agree with Kerfuffle that the main melody could use a change of timbre sometimes since it does become repetitive. Still very nice though. 
  12. Nice songs you have there. I like the masssive 80's drums on background 1 and background 2 feels nice and different from the rest. Even though it reminds me a bit of mission impossible. I'm not sure if you're asking for feedback but in my opinion the main theme could do with more variations on the main melody, or perhaps a string section echoing the melody right after the brass. But it all fits the army men feel. 
  13. Thanks, I'm happy that the composition itself is on the right track. But I think I will read up on some tutorials on how to make VSTs sound more lively and realistic. Do you have any tips? I might play around with the general dynamics and reverb a bit more. 
  14. Thanks, yeah it might have to look into my strings again and have them work together a bit better. 
  15. It sounds great and you have the right feeling down since I guessed the game to be something of a heist/spy type game. Then I looked it up and it seems to be quite close to that.