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  1. Once I was wondering how could I catch that carrot above me. Then I realized that was a carrot on HUD. Nice game, had a lot of fun!
  2. Will this be the first game you are going to make? If so, I'll suggest to do something smaller first. I don't want to discourage, but your project sounds too large for beginner to handle.   I'm using LibGDX for Android devices. However it's a framework, not an engine. But it could be a good tool for you.
  3. I started with LibGDX about three weeks ago. I don't know much but I have already sprites bouncing on screen, different levels and other fancy stuff. As a beginner with the game programming I think I stay with 2D for a while. Less work, more games.
  4. Sorry I forgot to mention that resolution wasn't the biggest issue. The Android emulator itself is very laggy (FPS 20-30), so it's not very suitable for testing game's performance. Also I'm using phone's accelerometer sensor to control the game. I can test the accelerometer sensor with my phone, but does it behave in same way on every device?   Maybe I just go for the cheapest phone and tablet. If my game runs OK on them, they probably runs OK on the high-end devices too.
  5. I started developing my first Android game for mobile phones and tablets. I currently testing it with my Samsung Galaxy Y phone. Problem is that I do not have any idea how my game behaves on phones and tablets with higher resolutions (Galaxy Y resolution is 320 x 240). Now I'm going to buy some new (or used) devices but another problem is the lack of money. I'm able to invest in only one phone and one tablet. There are a huge number of different devices. What would be the best bet for developing purposes if you want to be pretty sure the game runs ok on majority of devices?   Thanks!
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