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  1. Would a trade system work?

    This is quite an interesting topic, enough so that after probably two years of lurking its made me register for an account. It's clear there are a number of different directions this could go with trade between players but I wonder how this would work with trade between players and NPC's or even NPC's with other NPC's. In my game (still working on the infrastructure and networking) NPC's act very much the same as players do and can do the same thing players do. With built in gold in the game you can always have the NPC's use the default price attributed to items. However if you remove gold and focus on bartering then when a player wants to buy a pig from an NPC the NPC would need to somehow decide how much they valued what you were offering relative to what you wanted. With a basic system of needs this is no problem but once you get past basic needs to [this would be useful to have, not a need but we need the NPC to still know its a good trade] things would become much more complicated. I suppose you could still give thing an innate relative value to each other and let the NPC's make non-essential trades based on innate values. Innate values being perhaps something like an atomic value of the item; Chair is crafted by 4 Cedar Logs and a Cedar Log is worth 10 atomic value so the NPC would see a chair as having an innate value of 40 and try to trade around that. Hmmm, I'm going to be thinking about this one for the rest of the night; thank you for posting the topic~