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  1. Harmfulgame is one of the most Innovative games of 2013 with amazing and good quality 2,5D graphics. The game combines PVP,Survival,Intense fights with guns and melee weapons,Strategy,Traps,Explosives,NPC's,Stealth,Hearing System and even more. You start in the middle of a Randomly generated map full of hungry wolves and enemy players, get ready to fight for your survival. How? That's up to you. Choose your tactic: Take a big gun like an AK47 or a Shotgun to smash everything in front of you,Go stealthy with a Knife or a Crossbow to suprise your enemies from the behind, go Tacticaly by taming wolves to enter your side,placing traps and throwing bouncing grenades. The game promises intensity,fast paced multiplayer action, more game mode and even a co-op mode are on their way so stay tuned and join the fun. www.harmfulgame.com   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZOZ6hIsX-Y   Paulo Zucco [ByteRuler] as Lead programmer - Computer Science student at PUCRS Matheus Jorge [Shortfall] as Lead designer - Design student at UFRGS George Papavangelis [Mistergeorge] Marketing and Advertising Assistant