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  1.   i'm not really making an FPS in a classical sense but it does contain quite a lot of FPS elements. I wonder if i can balance a game purely in a mathematical sense like each class(weapon) is capable of the same amount of DPS but in different ways (or in shooters TTK time to kill).   And make something like a slider wich gives you a certain level of mobility for a certain amount of health (and getting rid of "classes" but certain weapons will be suited for a certain playstyle).   I'm interested in the TF2 way of calculating damage because of the different weapons (like flamethrowers and shotguns). I imagine it's some kind of script or function.
  2. The idea is that within 10 months i have something fairly decent to show to the judges (the teacher will tell us if our project is complex enough).  I would want to keep tweaking and adding stuff year after year until i feel that it is done.    We are allowed to use tools to make our game (unity 3D) so we don't have to start from scratch. I see this as a very very long project to learn my ways in game development and programming.   I am allowed to start from scratch but that would involve working with VERY abstract ideas (pure code) and they have not taught us that much programming yet, that's why i would prefer using something like unity.   (I am NOT making a TF2 clone, the end result will look and probably feel nothing like it, i just gave that game as an example of "inspiration" for my game and i'd like to figure out how they did things.)
  3. (I am not sure where to post this so sorry if i made a mistake)   I am currently learning basic computer science in school and this year we need to make a project that needs to be completed by the end of the year, the students can choose what they want to make and i would like to make a game(nothing elaborate but i'd like to have atleast a basic combat system)   I am trying to understand why certain games are "balanced"(mathematicly speaking) ,the first game i started with was team fortress2 because it has different classes and quite a lot of different weapons.   In the tf2 wiki they explain how damage is calculated but i had a lot of trouble in understanding how this works in the game engine itself. and the numbers of each weapon(in the wiki) seem quite meaningless for DPS calculations.   1)Are there certain tools that i can use to take a look at for instance the TF2 engine(source code) and look how they calculate damage, it must be a script of some sorts? (Is there something that makes elaborate source code managable for a beginner to understand ?)   2)How can a beginner learn from games that have already fully been made without stepping in to illegal territory?   ANY help will be appreciated, thanks in advance