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  1. My friends and I recently decided to join the game developing business. We are a 3 man team with college-student-level of knowledge in coding (java). Our first order of business was to choose a working medium, the canvas of our creation... and that's where we hit a crossroad. We have some level of experience with Game Maker, the game-developing software by YoYo Games. At the time it was a limited program and yet we managed to get quite well made results. The current version of Game Maker seems to be far more advanced than the old one we were working with, offering bigger possibilities and options. We figured working with a program that we are semi-familiar with, as well as being aimed especially for game development will make our job easier and will be a good place to start. On the other side of the coin, there is the Lightweight Java Game Library, or LWJGL. Obviously it is possible for us to study how to use this library, which is also aimed for game development. It will allow us a greater control, and in turn a new range of possibilities. But it is, simply put, harder and takes longer to learn. We figured the best advice will come from the people who already experienced this   thought process. What would you recommend? Is it better to start with Game Maker or LWJGL? Are there other more suited options for us? Thanks