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  1. Game Programming Online Courses

    I don't know of any game programming courses, or what your experience is, but theres basic and some more advanced programming courses on Coursera, as well as Code Academy, I enjoy using both. If you haven't already stumbled upon these videos:
  2. I'm currently taking the coursera course on Python, theres also an open course there, I believe it is Comp 101 and uses Java, which I plan to do afterwards for fun. I also used CodeAcademy and will go back to it after this course is finished. I don't think you could go wrong with either language, but after a lot of reading, and looking for resources, plus the fact that theres the Coursera courses & Code Academy, I decided to start with Python. I will probably start learning basic Java after I finish those, and go from there. The University I plan on attending also uses Java & Python for their intro courses, so I figured I'd get a jump on that. Main reason I choose Python over Java, other than the active Coursera course, was the Monty Python references :P Just some advice from another beginner, good luck.