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  1. Ok I found the problem and fix ??it. I had to put the same number that I had in the code and in inspector in Unity.
  2. Hello guys. I'm in a better way on the issue. I made an object which moves through the track and now I understand its function. One thing I could not find and would like your help. I have a character on the track. When I run the game from Unity this character automatically suspended in the air and goes upwards then up until to press the space button to eventually fall back down to the ground and go around the track. How can I make the character to stay constant down to the ground? Thanks for everything :)
  3. I will leave you for today guys. We'll talk again some other day. Thanks again everyone for the support you showed me! :) I loved this forum and the people involved in it. We'll talk again soon.   PS: Thanks Rorakin ;)
  4. Yes Rorakin, this is exactly what I want and more ok for my game. But also the Smooth Follow is ok. No problem. I have understand now the whole situation :)
  5. Hello again. This is the final view of the game I want to make. Check the photos (links) to see what I have create and what was that I talked about.   Check here:   http://i40.tinypic.com/2d8hxnd.png   http://i44.tinypic.com/2whfh4j.png   http://i39.tinypic.com/30icgma.png   In Main Camera the script is Smooth Follow.js that is included in Unity.   Thank you all again ;)   If there is any point of view, I need immediately   Now the Object (cube) moves right and left.   PS: Sorry for my English
  6. Okay, thank you very much everyone! I did not expect an immediate response so quickly :) I'm pretty happy. If I need something will post it here. Thanks again
  7. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I can't understand about this code. I have to use it in Unity and enter it at the camera in a script? Sorry but I do not know too much about programming, I'm a newbie. I want the camera to follow the object in Unity. And how the object will move by pressing the right arrow on the keyboard?   Thanks again :)
  8. Hello. I'm new to the forum and would like your help on something. Basically I want to say I am beginner in programming in language C++, I read a whole book on Java and learned enough. I've also learned from video on Youtube and also know how to work as a novice in Unity.   I would like to build a little game in Unity in which there will be an item (a bike) that will take command of the keyboard with the right arrow to move forward. The game is basically 2D. I just need to figure out the logic. And also the camera is fixed on the object and follow it and the background is a painting that changes accordingly. How can it happen? Playing it as reminiscent of the ones with motorbikes just the buttons you have to get to the end of the track, but it is 2D. Like similar games in miniclip.com
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