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  1. Yes but dumb people who are at ease on computer and could change audio files of a game for exemple
  2. I'm looking for a simple process to make my files unaccessible from random people a look at as they wish. Just to discourage dumb people to do it you see ?   I think a would try compression with a minimum compression ratio, thank you guys for your precise answers.       I'm did not understand this line, could you tell me more about it please ? If you agree ^^
  3. Thank for your replies       I had also the same idea about the custom file extension but that is not enough     Ok so i give up the encryption method     But zipping file will not make them slower to read ?
  4. Hi,   As mentionned in the title, I want to make my resources files (text, images and audio) of my game unreadable from external programs like Word, Photoshop or VLC Media Player...   I don't want to make an encryption/decryption algorithm that requires to create a output file (because it could be read easily) or something stored in the memory (don't want to take to much pc resources you see ?). I just want to make them directly readable in SFML through a c++ algorithm, i'm not looking for an extremely complicated process.   I saw how resources files were crypted for Terraria (XNB Files) and if you could tell how it works it would be great ^^   Thanks for your replies
  5. Eric Bizet

    Unity 3D or Irrlicht/Ogre3D ?

    Thanks for your repplies. I will watch some tutorials for each one. With irrlicht do I have to install a new 3d scene editor and add other librairies ?
  6. Hello, Im french, and my english is a bit bad.   I want to start the developpement of a 3d game and I learnt C++. I watched Unity developpement video which looks very easy and fast, I could learn C# if it worth. And renders are just beautiful.    So, i have one question. Do have I to learn C# or try Irrlicht or Ogre ?   Thanks for your reply
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