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  1. cocos2d-x looks really interesting with plugins like a shop, community, tiles and more... I will give it a try   Thanks
  2. I am asp dot net programmer, no experience in games or mobile. If i need to start all from scrach than i agree with you. I hope that there is tool that can help me, Or a framework that already provide most of the modules i need, Like a small maze. I am sure that every framework has a maze by default or by community? Thanks.
  3. Hello there, I am new in the game dev world and I need some guidance from you guys.   I want to make 2D RPG cards style game (like blood brothers if you know this one) for mobile phones.   it's a kind of multiplayer lots of mazes, lots of events, card fights, shop, lots of cards that can be evolved   Is there an engine out there that can help me with this task or am I on my own?   Thanks you    
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