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  1. [Request] Game design competition

    Yes, and I agree with your point, and I would love all of you guys to check all the work my opponents did, as well as my own work. But, the truth is that the way this competition is made, it;s not fair and it's not saying anything about the quality of work we did. It's shame, as there was some different points in the regulations about that.    So, I can describe work of my opponents here, but still, how do you know, I'm not destroying there idea by translation :) (of course, I like to play fair, so I would not, but you know what i mean).   Here is the page with all projects, you can see the trailers, and you can download the arts. Maybe, if you will have some questions about the projects, I can answer them for you.    https://cdp.pl/polecamy/konkurs-wsf-cdp
  2. [Request] Game design competition

    Hi guys,   As a huge zombie fan and wannabe game designer :) I've entered a competition for a game design. I can win a 3 year scholarship in "video game directing" faculty. Now I'm in a second, last stage, and i need some votes to win. Unfortunately, competition is Facebook vote bases (lame!). One of my opponents have a friend with a FanPage with 45 000 fans, that's why he is on the first place. So, if you could spend some time, and help my fulfill my dream, that would be brain-eating-awesome!   Whats the game about? During the 1920, there Was a huge battle near city of Warsaw between small Polish army, and huge horde of Russians. In my game (in the simplest way) the Russians are replaced by zombies. So we have early XX weapons and setting, horde of attacking zombies and thrilling story about two lovers who are separated by the war.  How can you help? Please, enter this link: https://apps.facebook.com/opinionpolls/poll?pid=ACJbZWTFwBE And vote (g?osuj) for "Czerwona Plaga" (Red Scourge). It's in polish, but if anyone will have any questions, please, let me know  Sorry for the spam, but that's a life changer for me, so I really want to win!
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