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  1. Rotating a rectangle

    Thank you Schildpad :) So if i read it correctly to get the new coordinate of the rotated x coordinate is : x(cos of the angle to rotate) + y(sin of the angle to rotate) Thanks again, -Woody
  2. Rotating a rectangle

    Hi guys. Is there a simple way to rotate a rectangle and keep track of the coordinates of each of the corners? Say for example we had a rectangle whoes corners were (0,0) (0,10) (5,10) (5,0). And if we were to rotate the rectangle by 45degrees clockwise. Is there a simple way to use that data to generate the new coordinates of the corners? I'm working on a device with no fixed point or floating point support, but I can work around that if I got some general idea of how to approach the problem. Thannks -Woody
  3. Stud : Its where they breed horses. Scroll the background. Anchor animated image to world a world coordinate and move its as the world moves past this position. Try and keep things simple and the answer becomes obvious.
  4. Hi Guys I'm building C++ project using an ARM compiler for BREW phones and i need to setup some preproccessor defines! I cant find the syntax to do it. Can anybody fill me in on whats needed. Google isnt bringing up anything that answers the question for me. Many thanks, W
  5. Game Console help

    lol this guys seems to be a troll.
  6. I have been reading through Qualcomms site and it really is a slog. Compared to J2ME's documentation and guides its a real hard slog. I'm working on a J2ME to Brew converter and need to find out more about brew graphic methods and anything else related. Even some basic Brew stuff would be helpful to ease me in. Has anybody ever come across some nice Brew Tuts or guides? Expecially some guides not related to Qualcomm would be very nice. I've seen the one on Gamedev relating to Brew 3. But i am more interested in Brew 2. Many Thanks, Woody
  7. Find a random point on a circle.

    Ok figured it out. Beginning to come back to me with your prompting. CircleEdgeXPos = CircleCenterX + (Cos(angle) * radius) CircleEdgeYPos = CircleCenterY + (Sin(angle) * radius) Thanks guys
  8. Find a random point on a circle.

    Quote:Original post by Agony Is the random point only on the outer edge of the circle, or anywhere within the bounds of the circle? Its on the outer edge of the circle. I feared there isnt a simple method. There is no Cos or Sin support either. Its not hard to get a random number between 0 - 359 for the angle. I know the radius is 15 and the center circle is 0,0.. how exactly can i get the coordinated on the edge of the circle?
  9. If i know the x & y of the center of a circle and I know the radius of a circle. Say X=0 Y=0 Radius = 15 How can I get a random position on the circle? Doing this on a system with no floating point support. Many thanks in advance. Woody
  10. In the past I did quiet a lot of porting to BREW from J2ME. I will soon need to start working on a new library that will wrap BREW and J2ME libraries so the code will port easier. As far as I can remember the same sounds and .pngs are suitable to be used on both Brew and J2ME handsets? Is that correct? Also is there anything else worth noting about handling sound or images in Brew? I remember before using a previous library that wrapped J2ME and Brew that all text was contained in char arrays because BREW did not have a proper string class? Would that be correct? If there is anything else worth noting about differences between resources handling in these to libraries please let me in on the secret ;) Thanks in advance, Woody.
  11. OpenGL My next gen engine

    lol ..... complex.... systems... 4000 lines of code! Genius. And the DirectX v OpenGL question... surely a troll. Well it made me laugh at least. Ok, back to hacking up more games.
  12. Bitfields.

    I am starting work on a J2ME(Java) game which holds the game-board as a bitfield have you any good articles or references that explain how its best used? Never used this method before in previous games and seems like a very efficient and elegant way to hand game boards. Haven’t found anything on flipcodes archive or in the articles here. Thanks guys.
  13. I am in a web cafe and i want to luanch WoW in windowed mode because of the 30min q's to get on to the relam i play on. I cannot get a Dos Prompt in the usual manner becuase there is a restrictive interface over the normal desktop. So what i want to do is get up the dos prompt by lauching it by using explorer. To navigate to its executable. WoW -windowed is the argument i need to pass if there is another way of passing the argument without DOS. I cannot make a shortcut either. Windows XP is the OS.
  14. To All Counterstrike Players Clan Peace Keepers. London based server with 66 tickrate. Friendly guys and very skill full when the clan players are on the server. Another good server is SD&CSS (Sex Drugs & Counter Strike Source) Nice people and skill full. Dont know ip but u can google them.
  15. Would you sell your soul to be a developer?

    Game development is not all its cracked up to be. Sure its cool to be able to say your a game developer. And sometimes you program somethings that are really cool and unusual. But the work can often be very frustrating. There are so many business and none development heads involved telling you to change everything because in there infinity wisdom they would like a cheat mode or whatever,but they dont realise how long changes take.. deadlines get missed... pressure gets added and the developer is working longer and longer hours while the none-develpopers requsting changes saunter out the door. I think for every benefit there is a negative that counter balances it. And sometimes runs over and kicks the balls off you. Dont get in the industry if arent cool about working really hard and ready to be constantly challenged. I plan to take a break from it soon cause there are things in life I need to do, and working as a game developer doesnt allow me the time to them. But I'll be back.. ha ha.. shite i'm a nerd :S