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  1. [Request] Game design competition

    Hi. I can tell you something about another project from this competition - my own   It is called Being and from genre standpoint it's an immersive sim (FPP game, in which the player has significant impact on many aspects of the game world and all problems have multiple solutions – more about this genre can be found here.), disguised as an old school FPS.  Short description:  Player helps developers of an old school FPS game with freeing Eva – a woman who worked in their company as gameplay designer but one day, just like in TRON movie, she was sucked into the world of unfinished video game she was working at. To set her free player travels through game world as stereotypical “silent marine with huge gun”, using developer tools, game bugs and unfinished levels to his own advantage. Finally he/she confronts the mystery of thinking being trapped with flesh and bones in virtual world.  Short mockup movie edited from footage taken from other games (required by contest rules) I was inspired by (it's in polish, you can find transcript quoted below):     As you can see whole concept is based on reminding the player all the time that he/she is playing the game! In other games bugs and incoherence of game world breaks immersion – here they only helps to realize that player’s avatar do not interact with the real world, but an artificial system – the one which rules can be bent or even broken using appropriate tools.  And there is Eva – woman who is aware, on the same extent as the player, that the world she is trapped in is not the real one – moreover, as a game developer she knows its every secret.  He only problem is, she used to know her game from God – Creator perspective and now she is only a mere NPC that has to obey the same rules that every other object in the game. Despite the lack of dialogue mechanics (Who designs interactive dialogs in old school FPS, right?), she tries by all means to directly communicate with the player sitting on the other side of the screen (totally ignoring in-game avatar) – finishing the game together is the only way for her to get back to “the real world”.  Thanks for reading, please tell me what you think – every feedback is mostly appreciated.  Also If you think that this is quite good and I have some perspectives in the field of game design, please put a vote for this concept.   It's the same link as Hiszp provided, but the game is called Being. Now you at least see two submissions. :)   Thanks a lot