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    How fraps bypasses x-trap?

    The problem is solved. I set hardware breakpoint (Vectored exception handling or VEH) to the IDirect3DDevice9::Present().
  2. WerWoolf

    How fraps bypasses x-trap?

      The typical approach to efficiency capture D3D applications is to hook into their presentation loop and save the backbuffer somewhere.     Yes, but i need modify memory to set hook.
  3. WerWoolf

    How fraps bypasses x-trap?

    I writing program for capturing video from DirectX applications. An i set hook ( jmp method ) to IDirect3DDevice9::Present(). This method modifing memory in the process.
  4. WerWoolf

    How fraps bypasses x-trap?

    I learned that the x-trap scans memory modifications in the process. How can I hide it?
  5. Greetings. I am writing a program to capture video from directx applications. But the x-trap (anti-cheat) blocking my app. How can i bypass x-trap? Thanks.
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